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Hasna Al-Mutawa: Bonding Virtually, Caring Holistically

Hasna Al-Mutawa | Founder & CEO
Hasna Al-Mutawa | Founder & CEO

In a world filled with challenges and roadblocks at every step of a professional career or a business growth curve, the global community has always been busy—either in enabling ends to meet or balancing the competitor analysis sheets.

But it is the visionary leader who transforms the world for the better and usurps the existing resources to sprout with a solution that is not only inclusive and progressive for the community but also proves to be a source of inspiration, proliferating resilience, wisdom, and socialistic attitude.

Such an enthusiastic zeal that is transforming UAE’s preventing care segment while imprinting the world with healthcare progression is Hasna Al-Mutawa.

She is a standout leader in the telehealth segment. Starting her career as an Ethics and Compliance Analyst, she ensured that industry regulations are met by the company and successfully established a positive and inclusive corporate culture. Being headstrong in what she does, she facilitated her top-notch guidance as an analyst for eight years and attained an enriching experience in the competitive corporate world.

Around her professional curve, she had grabbed many milestones and added many feathers to her cap. Moving ahead with her skills and knowledge of legal, research, audit, communication, and computer competencies, she founded Doctors Group Ltd.

And being a resilient entrepreneur with an ethical code of conduct and commitment for community betterment, she is leading the healthcare community with her preventive care digital platform. Being the Founder and CEO of Doctors Group Ltd, she is facilitating ease of access to those who are looking out for healthcare management tools and is easing out the access of doctors and patients with easy virtual care systems.

Let’s know Hasna’s entrepreneurial journey of establishing a unique kind of one-stop solution in Dubai’s healthcare ecosystem and how she has become the perfect example of  technology leadership.

Ideating Technology, Transforming Reality

Hasna started Doctors group Ltd. with a simple idea. She was uncertain and reluctant and wasn’t 100% sure if she could make it possible. Hence, she started seeing the dynamics of this market and how a simple idea can be a big project. Reminiscing the inception story of her successful venture, she says, “I started taking it seriously, which was the reason to leave corporate. The starting point was joining the Health Tech Lab, which is an initiative that is an incubator under the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi. For me, it was a blessed beginning because of the exposure the health regulators in Abu Dhabi give the start-ups.”

Envisioning growth with Mission, Vision, and Core Ethical Values

At Doctors Growth Ltd., Hasna has played a remarkable role in uprising IZI Health—a  Health Technology company with the sole purpose of enhancing people’s well-being by promoting a healthier environment in the body, mind, and soul. She marks, “We are proudly based in one of the main countries in the region; UAE, Egypt & Iraq with access to more than 170 M people.”

Determined to her mission, she envisions pioneering and revolutionizing virtual care in the healthcare industry. As the founder and CEO of the company, she is responsible for all the business developments and investments while overseeing the daily operations workflow.

She puts, “Our mission is to empower consumers with the right lifestyle management tools with access to virtual healthcare and remote health consultancy services thereby promoting health and well-being. As a healthcare platform our main objective is to be the role model for both healthcare providers & patients.”

Sharing her vision of the company, she says, “Our plan in 2022 and beyond is becoming a daily companion to our users. We are introducing a unique concept in healthcare:

Plan: Plan your daily meal

Learn: Reach out if you need any consultations

Engage: Socialise with people using our fitness social features. ”

Solving Challenges

Inspired to start a preventative care platform due to the lack of health-related knowledge among the community, Hasna understood that the attitude of seeking healthcare consultation only in case of emergency could not be a progressive way ahead.

Speaking about her IZI health platform and its healthcare system, she says, “Regarding healthcare providers, we solve the main issue for healthcare providers (Virtual care) we don’t only provide them with a virtual clinic we also help them reach new patients.”

Facilitating Outstanding Healthcare Solutions

IZI health is a Digital Health platform designed to be a daily companion tool to empower a holistic, healthy lifestyle. The app has all the features ones need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  • Virtual consultations with doctors, therapists, and health coaches.
  • Simplified nutrition labels to plan a meal, find foods, or build a diet plan
  • Fitness matching helps users to meet new people based on their fitness interests.

Hasna marks, “IZI health is the only platform taking a holistic approach in the healthcare journey looking into bridging the gap between WellCare & healthcare.”

Rising with Technological Advancement

Answering about the adoption of digital technologies, she says, “Currently homecare & virtual care are booming amongst the UAE’s people and now that there are many ways to implement remote care not only for severe cases but also for primary care.”

Words of Wisdom

Hasna advises the budding entrepreneurs and extends her note of wisdom. She says, “It is important to study the market very well, especially if you are looking to implement a new concept, as we noticed adaptation rate for health technology is very low in this market.”

Towards the Future

Hasna believes that the healthcare sector is passing through a great transition, and digital platforms will open a new paradigm. She iterates, “The future of healthcare is going to be remote care. The classic doctor-patient face-to-face appointment will be only necessary for server cases. A caring relationship will be established between the patients and the software or the app they are using. Although communication will be easy during and after the doctor’s appointment, the lack of human interaction might discourage patients from reporting any symptoms.”



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