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Healthcare venture capital firm LRVHealth raises $200M for Fund V to transform the industry from within

Healthcare venture capital firm LRVHealth raises $200M for Fund V to transform the industry from within

Boston-based LRVHealth raises $200M in its fifth fund to drive transformative change in healthcare. The fund’s initial investments include Greater Good Health and KeyCare, both focused on redefining care delivery. LRVHealth has also expanded its team to focus on a core investment strategy Centered around the theme of “Care Anywhere.”

The concept of “Care Anywhere” signifies the ongoing shift in healthcare towards decentralized settings, focusing on accessibility, health equity, and personalized care. LRVHealth, known for its successful partnerships and industry expertise, has built a network of strategic investors in its fifth fund, including prominent healthcare providers, payers, and vendors. This strategic network, consisting of 29 leading organizations, has a wide reach, touching the lives of one out of two healthcare consumers in the United States. LRVHealth aims to leverage this extensive network to drive innovation and transformative change in the healthcare industry.

According to Keith J. Figlioli, Managing Partner of LRVHealth, the healthcare industry is undergoing a second wave of digital health innovation driven by the transformation in care delivery and advancements in technology. The concept of “Care Anywhere” focuses on delivering personalized and seamless care that is accessible to consumers wherever and whenever they need it. LRVHealth, in collaboration with its strategic network of healthcare incumbents, aims to identify investment opportunities within this framework and forge partnerships with entrepreneurs addressing these areas. With over two decades of experience, LRVHealth is committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of healthcare.

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