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If You’re in Crisis, then Google’s Prewritten Text, a New Feature is Here to Support You


Every time a user searches a term related to suicide, google will prompt a message. These prompts are a great tool to help users initiate a conversation with a medical professional. They have been created in partnership with the International Association of Suicide Prevention.

Display of Google’s Prewritten Texts

The message options  appear directly below the 988 Suicide and Crisis Helpline information that Google already provides when people search for terms related to suicide. It prompts users to connect with people you trust, and each prompt has a “Send Text” button that opens and links the prompt to the user’s text messaging program. While Google is only showing examples of this feature on mobile, Google spokesperson Ned Adriance says it will be available on desktop as well.

The thought behind this function is that if you’re in a vulnerable situation, asking for support may be difficult. However, these prewritten texts could reduce the vulnerability, eliminate the shame and get the support you require.

Use of AI in Identifying People in Crisis

Last year, Google began using AI to identify searches made by people in crisis, allowing the machine to direct them to the resources they might need.

Google recently began removing content promoting eating disorders from YouTube and added an 18 and older age limit to eating disorder recovery videos. It also added crisis center resource panels below eating-disease-focused videos and search results.

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