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Understanding Heart Care

A few years ago, heart-related problems or ailments were the worry of the elderly, or of the people in the 50+ age group. However, this trend has changed, the major reason of the change, are the choices we make with respect to our day-to-day lifestyles. Heart care has now become the talk of the town. People at a very young age are now being diagnosed with heart disease, and as a matter of fact with the very serious ones. Be it heart attack, heart blockages, blood pressure, diabetes or any other kind, dysfunction in the organ, has become very common. Owing to this problem and to ease your search for good and efficient treatment facilities and medical centers, through our issue of Insights Care Magazine we bring you “Heart Care Special Edition.” This magazine contains a listing of some of the most prominent and advanced heart care centers.

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Editor’s Note

Management and prevention of cardiovascular diseases involves a commitment to physical activity, diet, heart health, medication adherence, and self-monitoring. Keeping all the activities at check is a daunting task and requires a great deal of adherence to a healthy routine. These daily activities generally go unmeasured. However, the emergence and rapid growth of technologies like artificial intelligence, digital health technology, mobile devices, and wearables has made incessant health monitoring a possibility and a reality for many patients. The imminent future of cardiovascular care is on the verge of being transformed by these advances, and these are proving as a means to prevent and treat heart disease. It is just yesterday that the medical community started embracing the reality that most ‘healthcare’ takes place outside the hospital and clinic. These are the daily activities and clinical events
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KIMS Healthcare Group: A Legacy of Excellence

Established in 2002, with a noble vision to provide quality healthcare with affordability and accessibility, KIMS Healthcare Group is the largest healthcare network in the state of Kerala and is among the top leading hospitals in the country. Ever since its establishment, KIMS has developed into one of the leading centres of pioneering medical work, research, and academics in South India with a global outreach. It has also been instrumental in revolutionising the art of healthcare delivery through its quality focused systems and practices. KIMS brings a dedicated team of medical professionals, cutting-edge facilities, world class treatment protocols to deliver quality care balancing the high expectations of patients and the increasing cost of medical technology.
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Heart Care Special Edition

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