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Help Hope Live: Empowering Medical Crisis Patients through Fundraising

Kelly L Green | Executive Director | Help Hope Live
Kelly L Green | Executive Director | Help Hope Live

No matter how circumstances unfold in life, what truly counts is how we respond to them.

Confronting a medical crisis can be a profound emotional and physical experience. Above all else, the financial strain of medical expenses introduces an additional layer of stress. From hospital bills and prescribed medications to specialized treatments and home care, the economic burden can quickly become a source of anxiety. This is precisely where Help Hope Live steps in, reaching out to compassionate individuals to unite in fundraising efforts aimed at easing the burdens of patients and families navigating these challenging times.

During moments of greatest adversity, patients and families find solace in the Help Hope Live team, making a profoundly positive impact on those who need it most. Insights Care has highlighted this remarkable initiative by interviewing Kelly L Green, the organization’s Executive Director. Through this interview, we gain insight into the collective journey that brought everyone together to create transformative changes in the lives of those facing such hardships.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Kindly tell us the source of inspiration. What led you to venture into the transplant operations and industry?

I was inspired to help transplant families after experiencing firsthand the financial hardship the transplant journey can have on a patient and their families. My mom was fortunate to receive a kidney transplant in 2007 from a living donor, my Aunt Sandy, but the financial barriers to her care were numerous. We overcame them thanks to the trusted medical fundraising support we received from an organization I am now proud to lead: Help Hope Live (

Please brief us about the need for transplants in healthcare. Why is it considered to be of importance today?

What was once considered an experimental treatment in the 80s is today’s gold standard for end-stage organ failure. Transplantation is a lifesaving gift—a second chance—for transplant recipients, their loved ones, and even organ donor families.

Brief us about your company and shed some light on your operations in leading the hospital/centre.

Help Hope Live is the leading medical fundraising non-profit for people with a transplant need or a catastrophic injury or illness. We partner with transplant centers and hospitals nationwide to bring medical care within reach of thousands of patients annually.

Help Hope Live was founded in 1983 by a transplant surgeon and his wife, a nurse, who saw patients being denied lifesaving treatment due to the cost. They saw a need and took action: If insurance wouldn’t cover transplants, maybe the local community could help raise the necessary funds instead. Fast forward to the present, our non-profit has helped unite thousands of communities to raise more than $172 million to help their neighbors in need—resulting in more than 4,000 transplants.

Can you elaborate upon the core values on which the centre is built and what is its mission?

As a national non-profit, our mission is to support community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical expenses and related costs due to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries and illnesses. We exist to provide help and hope during times of overwhelming need, leading through our values of trust, accountability, and transparency. With four decades of medical fundraising experience, we provide a convenient and safe way to support patients, their families, and their care teams.

What role does patient willingness play when deciding to proceed the transplant operation? How important is it in the healthcare sector today?

Patient willingness is crucial. Transplant patients must be emotionally, physically, and financially prepared to receive the gift of life. By providing them with medical fundraising support, we allow patients to focus on what matters most: treatment and recovery.

Tell us about the variety of transplant services offered at the centre.

Help Hope Live campaigns help pay for a variety of transplant services: from labs and hospital bills to specialty appointments; donor search fees; immunosuppressants; dental care and other uninsured health care needs impacting the patient’s transplant; physical therapy; caregiving; medical travel and temporary relocation; even emergency living assistance.

What specific endeavours is centre at present? Why do you find those essential?

We are trying to reach more families who need our services before they turn to for-profit crowdfunding platforms that can negatively impact their eligibility for asset-based benefits.

What are some of the challenges that the centre faces when conducting operations and how do it turn them into opportunities for growth?

One of the biggest challenges our non-profit faces is awareness. By educating more transplant centers about our services, we can reach more families in need and make it possible for patients to improve compliance and follow a full course of therapy, which can reduce the risk of developing additional health problems later.

How do you envision scaling the centre’s services and operations in 2023 and beyond?

Uninsured and unexpected medical expenses will continue to be a major issue for many people who face serious health challenges, especially for people who need a transplant. In the years ahead we will work to bring our services to more patients and families and position more transplant centers to refer patient families to Help Hope Live to help us expand our reach even further.

The Client Testimonials

“An organization you can trust, offering peace-of-mind through a stressful journey…let them help you.” – Family of Keith Henry, a part of the South-Atlantic Transplant Fund

“I had to raise $12,000 to be listed for transplant. To date, I have raised over $19,000. I look forward to continuing to support and raise funds for this amazing organization.” – Melissa Tuff, a part of the Southeast Transplant Fund

“We wish all our patients would start a Help Hope Live fundraising campaign. You guys are so wonderful to work with.” – Transplant Social Worker

“The money for my transplant raised through this charity is the only reason I’m both walking and able to see normally today. Changed and saved my life.” – Brandon Fowler, a part of the Southeast Transplant Fund

“I am SO incredibly grateful for Help Hope Live and everyone who donates to help my friend Linda pay for her medications and uninsured medical costs. It truly takes a village.”

-Friend of Linda Jara, a part of the Mid-Atlantic Transplant Fund

“Whenever a family comes to me asking how they will be able to afford the transplant journey, I hand them a Help Hope Live brochure and say, call this number right away. These people know how to help you.” – Transplant Medical Professional

“It was only through our fundraising campaign that we were able to raise funds to offset some of our critical transplant needs.” – Dwight J. Crawford, a part of the South-Atlantic Transplant Fund

“Your program is a miracle. I manage because you have made it possible. ”- Monica Ashery, a part of the North-Central Transplant Fund



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