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India pledges $15 million to international vaccine alliance

India pledged GAVI, the international vaccine alliance, 15 million dollars on Thursday, with PM Modi announcing it at the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson ‘s virtual Global Vaccine Summit.

The Prime Minister said in these difficult times, India is in unity with the world, and the culture of India has taught us to accept the world as a nation. He said that during this pandemic the country tried to live up to that teaching by sharing medicines stock with more than 120 countries, developing a common response strategy in the immediate vicinity, and offering specific support for countries seeking the same and also protecting the vast Indian population.

The Prime Minister said in a number of ways Covid 19 has revealed the limitations of global cooperation and that humanity is facing a clear and united adversary for the first time in recent history. He said India’s support for GAVI is not only fiscal, but also the huge demand of the world lowers the global price of vaccines for all.

Over 50 countries attended and participated in the summit including business leaders, UN agencies, civil society, ministers and heads of state.



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