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Infinant Health: Changing the Trajectory of Human Health, One Baby at a Time

Infinant Health | Kaile Zagger | CEO
Infinant Health | Kaile Zagger | CEO

Human milk comprises a wide spectrum of biologically active bacteria, such as—B.infantis EVC001, that aid the gut in its healthy and adaptive development. In a breastfed infant, B.infantis is received to ensure that their nutritional needs are met along with proper immune, cognitive, and metabolic development.

But in the recent years, research has confirmed that there is a generational loss of B.infantis among infants. While this could be a result of antibiotic use, infant formula feeding or caesarean section deliveries—it has certainly increased the risk for a dysfunctional gut and autoimmune diseases.

But what Infinant Health, an infant health company found is that there is a connection between EVC001, a specific strain of B.infantis, and human milk. The strain can unlock critical functions of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO), which further benefits short-and long-term health. It has the potential to shape the development of the immune system and save future generations from chronic conditions such as type 1 diabetes, eczema, allergies, and others.

Perceiving the narrow window of opportunity, Kaile Zagger, the CEO of Infinant Health continues to support 40,000+ babies in their feeding journey, keeping EVC001 an active ingredient in Infinant’s range of product portfolio and attending to one baby at a time.

Let’s dive in to learn about Infinant’s pathway to lifelong health.

The Aim Is to Take One Infant at a Time

Infinant Health was formerly known as Evolve BioSystems, Inc. But its new name is a combination of the words “infant” and “infinite,” inspired by its vision to change the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time. Committed to improve each newborn’s short-term and long-term health trajectory, the company is focused in discovering and implementing microbiome-based solutions—that will enable the body’s natural protection and conquer the most complex health challenges.

With more than a decade of pioneering research on breast milk, Infinant Health’s discovery platform focuses on eliminating non-communicable diseases such as type 1 diabetes, atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and serious, life-threatening conditions that can arise in the NICU due to colonization of nosocomial bacteria. For this, the company has built substantial science and technology assets, focusing on the nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology of the foundational, ancestral infant gut microbiome as part of its mission to save future generations from widespread and costly non-communicable diseases.

Armed with an unwavering commitment to have science-informed product development, Infinant Health is a portfolio company of Horizon Ventures, Cargill, Manna Tree Partners, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation. But the process doesn’t end there, as the company continues to expand its pipeline of next-generation microbiome-based solutions to revolutionize human health.

To Immunize Health, Innovation has Been the Key

Kaile, the CEO, and leader behind Infinant, had an early introduction to the innovative challenges within the healthcare system when her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer at just 40 years old. But she died all too young, as the doctors ignored her early symptoms. Understanding a need for better access to treatment, the incident encouraged Kaile to invest in innovative inventions and shift treatment to prevention, changing the standards of care.

Initially, Infinant Health was a small organization that had not successfully positioned itself nor penetrated the market. But with an awe of scientific discoveries, Kaile led Infinant’s operations to pivot from a consumer-focused to a healthcare-focused approach.

The Science Behind—Is What Makes Infinant Stand Out

When conducting operations, Infinant’s foundational science has been the core behind its global health revolution. Born from Infinant’s revolutionary discovery, the company has developed a deep understanding of human health.

Research has shown that the infant gut microbiome plays a critical role in proper immune, cognitive, and metabolic development as well as meeting the infant’s nutritional needs. But in recent years, there has been an identified lack of beneficial gut bacteria, which could directly contribute to the development of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

To bring a solution to the concern, Infinant’s discovery found that—there is a synergy between a single bacterial strain, B. infantis EVC001, and the highly important human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) that can significantly impact health trajectories. Such a bacterial strain, when paired with breast milk, influences immune system development in infants, thereby potentially reducing the risk of allergic and autoimmune conditions later in life.

Based on this understanding, Infinant Health has been considerate of infants’ diet-breast milk which sets it apart in enabling a healthy life.

Infinant’s Solutions Alter Gut Biochemistry

At Infinant, there are ongoing landmark clinical trials of B. infantis EVC001 and their impact on a host of human health applications. In one of the Infinant’s research, it was found that EVC001 dramatically colonizes the infant gut microbiome during and after feeding and beneficially remodels the microbial, biochemical, and immunological environment in the infant gut.

With such comprehension, the company has two products sold as Evivo®—both contain activated B. infantis EVC001. Its significant impact on developing a functional and appropriate infant gut microbiome has been demonstrated in numerous published peer-reviewed studies.

Evivo® works by favorably altering gut biochemistry to significantly reduce potentially harmful bacteria and intestinal inflammation. These harmful pathogens and the consequent inflammation have been linked to an increased risk of both short- and long-term health issues. The products, when fed with breast milk, create a protective environment in the infant gut, building the foundation for lifelong health.

One of its products, Evivo®, made with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil, is specifically suited for NICU infants. When administered once daily, it complements human milk feeding to stabilize and protect the infant gut from bacteria associated with costly negative health issues that slow a baby’s hospital discharge and negatively impact quality of life.

Evivo daily powder sachets, intended for babies 0 to 6 months old, when mixed with breastmilk, have been clinically shown to protect babies from harmful bacteria that have been linked to short- and long- term health problems, such as colic, diaper rash, eczema, food allergies, and Type 1 diabetes.

Satisfied Consumers Trust Infinant’s Solutions

“The use of Evivo in our unit has significantly improved our ability to advance our most vulnerable premature newborns to full enteral feeds and reduce our observed rates of antibiotic usage.”

  • Michael J Fitzgerald, MD
    Attending Neonatologist, Medical Director- Elmhurst NICU at the Edward Elmhurst Health System.
    Co-founder of DuPage Neonatology Associates.

Looking Ahead, Infinant Plans to Expand Its Portfolio

Infinant’s foundational science offers an opportunity to impact global health. Its bacteria strain, EVC001, has been a magnet for researchers globally since the initial peer-reviewed papers elucidated a unique mechanism of action not previously shown with live microbial, or probiotic, products.

For instance, Infinant Health’s recently published preclinical data has shown that the innovative modulation of cellular phenotypes is linked to autoimmune and allergic disease development, while other medical researchers have reported that the use of Infinant Health’s flagship product, Evivo®, as standard of care has significantly improved clinical outcomes of the most devastating disease in premature infants. Together, these ground-breaking discoveries have the potential to create a lifelong impact on human lives by tackling infant gut health at a very early stage and in a powerful way.

Moving forward, the company will be acutely focused on accelerating its discovery work and expanding its portfolio into multiple assets and channels. It plans to invest heavily in the ground-breaking clinical research and expand the knowledge regarding the substantial impact that the infant microbiome has on lifelong health.

In addition, the company will be developing and formalizing key partnerships that will open global markets and accelerate its product development pathway. For this, Infinant has transformed its brand and taken significant steps to re-organize and architect a world-class organization.

Technological Advances Will Support Infinant’s Accelerate Discovery 

To accelerate the discovery process, Infinant, in the past 90 days—has launched a technology division that will focus on bioinformatics, deep machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science—all aimed at dramatically accelerating its discovery engine.

Moreover, the company has launched digital initiatives for product development in the realm of companion products that will enable personalized, precision care for babies. “We are excited about the path forward and have already witnessed ground-breaking progress in just a short period of time,” adds Kaile.

Words of Wisdom “Healthcare Demands Innovation”

For the healthcare enthusiasts looking to walk in the footsteps of the company, Infinant advises, “Healthcare is a sector that demands innovation – bring forward what patients need and what has not been done. Build a strong team, empower them, inspire them, and let them run. Drive a culture of discipline, rigor, and high expectations combined with inspiration, motivation, and deep care for your people cantered on a strong focus on the mission at hand.”

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