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Kate Mays: An Archetype of Leading by Example

Kate Mays, President | Healthcare IT | Insights Care

“A leader is someone that knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” are the thoughts of a woman who herself is an embodiment of courage and pre-eminence. Kate Mays, Division President of CSI Healthcare IT, is a confident and gallant person who believes that a leader should be assertive and judicious so as to inspire and motivate others to do more.

Kate started at ‘The CSI Companies’ as a summer intern after her junior year in college. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. Kate joined CSI in June 2006 and ever since has progressed through various roles of increasing responsibility across different sections of the company; she was a recruiter in sales within the Healthcare IT division, and then was promoted to Vice President of Sales Operations. Kate later joined the expanding CSI Healthcare IT division as its West Coast director, drawing on her understanding of both the clinical and technical needs of hospitals to provide complete solutions. This experience has made her a better leader and has allowed her to glean insights and learn about the challenges and opportunities inherent in every role at the company.

“Kate is the archetype of someone who leads by example,” says Chris Flakus, COO of the CSI Companies. She is a detail oriented and a tenacious person. From the single direct hire for a critical role to the large scale implementation of projects, she handles her clients’ needs professionally and promptly. Apart from being a world-class sales executive and handling her professional life with elegance and excellence, Kate is climbing the success ladder with full vigor and passion. In the past three years, she has assisted in the growth of the division up to 150%, in the highly competitive healthcare IT services industry. Part of CSI’s success has been Kate’s ability to build trust with large healthcare organizations and deliver results, often under challenging circumstances in large scale projects, is commendable.

Kate’s Role ModelsLeading by Example

Asking her about her role model she says, “Many people have inspired me along the way.” Kate regards her family as her strongest support. Her family has always pushed her and supported her to believe that “one can achieve anything if one puts in the effort.” The women in Kate’s family have always inspired her to lead by example. Both her grandmothers had careers and Master’s degrees, which was unheard of at that time. Her mother was a part of the first graduating class of women at an Ivy League college and therefore she is a huge believer that one should lead by example. She wants to be the same kind of role model to her six-year-old daughter. Kate wants to show her that it is possible to balance family and a successful career. 

Achievements and Awards of the Gallant Leader

Kate has always been proud of exceeding her goals and quotas. CSI is a high performing sales-driven company. She was bestowed upon with the CEO’s personal “lagniappe” award; the only award given by the CEO. This accolade is only awarded to one individual in the entire company who has demonstrated attributes that have gone above and beyond their normal duties; an award for those that “give a little something extra.”  She has always believed in a strong work ethic and performing at a higher level than what is expected of her, so she was incredibly proud to receive this award.

Memorable & Remarkable Moments of Kate’s life.

Talking about the most memorable moments of her life Kate says, “My most remarkable memories involve those where my family and my career converge.” She is a proud mother of two wonderful children, a six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son. Kate was recently awarded ‘Top 40 under 40 Business Professionals’, a designation selected by career achievements and community service. She currently sits on the ‘Board for the American Lung Association’ and has helped lead a new CSI Gives Back program within the CSI Companies to focus on philanthropic events. “Being awarded Top 40 Under 40 was a memorable moment as I had my colleagues, friends, and family in attendance,” says Kate. This was an impactful moment for her to continue to lead by example for her children.

Distinctive Services of CSI Healthcare IT

The only constant in Healthcare IT industry is change; this industry will continue to do so rapidly. The “triple aim” will continue to drive improvements in the industry, and consulting firms must be champions of innovation and change. Founded in 1994, CSI Healthcare IT specializes in customized solutions for healthcare systems that provide unmatched results at a fraction of cost. CSI’s EMR Training and Implementation pricing model has helped health systems reduce costs by as much as 60%. CSI Tech Consulting is application neutral with an extensive database of pre-qualified IT professionals nationwide. It believes that, communication is important, and the company is continuously learning so much from those around it; being in the consulting business, people are CSI’s product. Kate hopes to continue being the leading light behind the success of CSI Healthcare IT by not only strengthening its current relationships, but also by building new ones. Additionally, she believes that the “most valuable insights often come from simply listening and communicating directly with the consultants and clients.”

CSI has been in business for 25 years and supports 80+ hospitals nationwide with their EMR and IT infrastructure hiring needs. It has engaged in multiple EMR projects nationwide and has an experience in providing a wide array of Epic related services, including: legacy system support, pre-implementation planning, staffing plans, training programs, system build support, cutover and testing, Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR), legacy system abstraction, help desk (triage) support, preference lab support, and go-live/at-the-elbow support for physicians, clinicians, and staff.



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