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Kavin Group: Aiding the Healthcare Space with Skilled Workforce

Steve Vincic | President & Managing Partner | Kavin Group
Steve Vincic | President & Managing Partner | Kavin Group

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has tested the prowess of every sector across the globe, especially healthcare. Not only the technology but the healthcare space highly demanded skilled staff and caregivers to continue to provide care while being cordial.

During these tough times, staffing agencies like Kavin Group has been aiding healthcare organizations with their services, providing temporary as well permanent staffing, catering to a diverse clientele.

Steve Vincic, President and Managing Partner at Kavin Group further shares how the company has managed to be a trusted partner for its clients. “Our approach is about finding and working through the right solution for our customers. We take pride in adapting to our customers’ needs, this is what makes Kavin Group a great partner for many companies.”

This approach has further led Kavin Group to pave several milestones including being recognized as among 21 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada for three years in sales issued by Globe and Mail. The company has also been nominated for several Chamber of Commerce awards over the few years.

Adapting automation one step at a time

Technology advancement in the past decade has affected every sector including the staffing industry. The staffing industry has undergone significant change in the last few years. AI as with any industry has entered the staffing space as well. Now many organizations have started to automate their processes and business operations.

However, Steve shares a caution about adapting automated processes. “There is a place for AI in the staffing industry. However, staffing business is built and centered around people. Automating this process too early may be detrimental in the engagement of the potential candidates and ultimate loss of revenue,” he says.

Balancing business and team safety during the crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to change their conventional ways of handling businesses and adapt to the new normal. While survival became the instinct for many organizations it also put forth the concern of employee safety.

Steve shares how Kavin Group has managed to balance on both fronts. “We have been working closely with our partners to ensure we have adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on hand,” he says.

“We stay in constant contact with our deployed staff. We never compromise safety for our staff and a safe and healthy work environment,” Steve further adds.

Wise words

When asked about advising the budding entrepreneurs wishing to set foot in the staffing industry, Steve was quick to share his wisdom.

He says, “Data, Action, and Sustainment are three critical factors entrepreneurs need to understand and execute. These are learned skills and constantly need to be built into your daily cadence.”

Steve further elaborated these three aspects for the aspiring entrepreneurs in the staffing industry.


  • Understand your market, roadblocks, and challenges.
  • Understand and analyze ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Perform your market research – analyze your business model from a business as well as client perspective.
  • Find the gap in the market and think about how you can fill it.


  • Formulate a plan to put into action.
  • Thoroughly analyze your scenarios and make sure you have an action plan for each potential issue.
  • Train your team, let them fully understand what and why you took certain action.
  • Seek advice from your staff, they are the best and most experienced at the task. You are only a coach to put them on the right path.


  • Audit your process.
  • Put measurables in place to capture your deviation from the defined processes.
  • Train your staff to understand and recognize the deviation in the process.

The future strategy

The economy has gone under a significant change in the past couple of years. And businesses leading the respective sectors like Kavin Group were the firsts to recognize the shift and make strategic business decisions.

While sharing the company’s pivotal strategies Steve said, “Kavin Group’s strategic pivot has proven to be a successful move. We see a continuation of our business model growth well into the future. Kavin Group will gain additional exposure nationally and Internationally. We have also seen a strong shift in our potential customer base and recognizing the value of quality service.”



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