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Kerala’s Health Department Has Increased Monitoring in All Districts Due to The Nipah Alarm


Kerala health department

The state’s health department has increased Nipah virus monitoring and instructed hospitals to keep an eye on patients experiencing symptoms similar to the illness.

The warning was issued at a time when bats, the virus’s carriers, are reproducing. Even though Nipah instances had previously been detected in Kozhikode and Ernakulam, Health Minister Veena George indicated that monitoring would be intensified in all districts.

The forest and animal husbandry departments will work together to keep an eye out for the virus. On May 12, the health department will organize a workshop at Gender Park in Kozhikode to discuss its Nipah experience.

Attendees will include health professionals, scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research, the National Institute of Virology, the State Institute of Virology, and officers from the forest and animal husbandry departments. The Nipah virus is harmful to more people than any other virus, including Covid. It is a zoonotic virus, meaning it can spread from animals to people.

It can also be passed from person to person or through contaminated food. The World Health Organization classifies Nipah infection as an emerging infectious disease hazard.



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