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Monkeypox, Which Causes Boils and Full-Body Rashes, Has Been Confirmed in the UK



According to UK health experts, monkeypox, a rare but potentially fatal infection, has been identified in the country. The virus, which causes COVID-19, is far less infectious and can induce flu-like symptoms as well as pus-filled boils all over the body.

The UK Health Security Agency stated in a statement posted on Saturday that the sick person contracted the illness in Nigeria and then flew to the UK. The agency did not specify the individual’s age or gender.

According to the agency, the patient is being treated at a specialized infectious illness facility in London. Individuals who were near to the person and were at risk of infection were contacted.

On Wednesday, the UKHSA told Insider that there were no new developments in the matter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, monkeypox is “extremely rare” in the United States. The most recent case was in November 2021 in Maryland, in a person who had gone to Nigeria.



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