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The Latest “Raw Water” Trend Could Quickly Turn Ugly

Raw Water

Raw Water

Raw water refers to unfiltered and untreated water that is collected from a spring or the environment and is believed to be healthier than tap or bottled water. Although natural spring water might sound like an elixir, health experts warn that drinking this so-called “raw water” could result in acute and chronic diseases.

People have been drinking water from natural springs and collecting rainwater from ancient times. But this raw water movement has become more than the radical phenomenon it was once due to the sophisticated marketing and millions of dollars in funding and influential supporters.

The advocates of raw water movement are banking on the idea that this drinking water contains beneficial microbes and minerals that Nature intended for us without the addition of chemicals usually used in water treatment processes. Governments have been treating water for reasons such as preventing dysentery, typhoid, cholera and other water-borne diseases.

Although raw water may contain minerals, but these minerals can also be gained from a healthy diet without having to risk ingestion of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites which is not at all worthy of any benefit from trace minerals. Also if you are concerned about tap water, it is better to invest in a home filtration system or testing system than to drink untreated water.

While the Raw Water trend is not widespread yet, a number of untreated water startups have come up and are attracting customers with misguided information about tap water treatment processes and additives. If you have access to healthy water directly piped to your home, it is really not a good idea to drink untreated water. There are many people in the world who do not have this luxury.



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