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Lovekins: Products that Epitomize Purity and Quality

Lovekins | Amanda Essery
Lovekins | Amanda Essery

The skin-barrier function continues to develop throughout at least the first year of life following birth, even in healthy, full-term newborns whose skin is functioning at delivery. Infant skin is still growing, making it vulnerable to dryness and irritability from environmental factors like cold weather and wind, as well as harsh topical skin-care treatments.

Although conventional skin-cleansing, lotion, and shampoo products still make up a sizable portion of the personal care market, more and more customers and healthcare professionals have been carefully examining products and product labels, which has led to the emergence of a sizable market for organic (natural ingredient-based products.)

When Amanda Essery—the Founder and CEO of Lovekins—was pregnant in 2012, she started making her own natural skincare products in her little kitchen while maintaining a balanced diet of fresh, organic foods.

When the dermatologists’ recommended skin treatments were ineffective in relieving her second child, Heidi’s extremely dry skin condition when she was born, Amanda was able to manage her daughter’s skin condition by using her own handmade skincare, based on pure, natural, and indigenous ingredients. This led to the inception of an outstanding skincare brand – Lovekins.

Below are highlights of the interview that gives insights into Amanda Essery’s journey of creating a handmade skincare brand based on purely natural and indigenous ingredients.

Amanda, kindly tell us the source of inspiration behind venturing into the healthcare and wellness niche.

Growing up in Darwin, I have developed a deep appreciation for the land and the knowledge of natural ingredients that the First People have generously passed down through the generations.

I have also witnessed firsthand the struggles and disadvantages Indigenous communities often face social alienation, lack of resources, or family problems that lead to breaks in schooling and education. For me, kinship means having the responsibility to look after the community that nurtured me; this is why at Lovekins, we strive to pay it forward every step of the way.

I created a range of baby care products incorporating indigenous native extracts from my hometown of Darwin that alleviated an extremely dry skin condition for my second child, Heidi. As a purpose-driven brand that allowed me to help one child, it was my vision to be able to help more families around the world.

Enlighten our readers about Lovekins in detail.

Lovekins means “love of family.” ” Love + Kins relating to kinship meaning ‘family.’ Lovekins is a premium Australian wellbeing and skincare company specializing in baby, pregnancy, feminine hygiene, and home care. We focus on growing an ethical business by supporting local communities, sustainable farming and product education to achieve a simpler and more natural approach to self-care.

Can you elaborate upon the core values, mission, and vision on which Lovekins is built?  

Our core values are ethics, teamwork, trust, quality, and customers.

Ethics – Growing a sustainable business by doing the right thing in everything we do

Teamwork – We believe in achieving a common goal together. Venture bravely to new horizons with the support of our team.

Trust – We respect each other’s experience, skills, and opinions. We are accountable and accelerate each other to deliver our vision.

Quality – We do not settle for second best. We strive to produce the best products and services for our customers.

Customers – To delight our customers by solving their problems with specialized and daily care essentials through the changing stages of their lives.

Mission – To improve the health and wellbeing of women, mothers, and babies by empowering them with products they can trust.

Vision- To become the leading supplier of premium Australian natural skincare and wellbeing products in the global channels.

Tell us about the Lovekins’s portfolio of skincare products and services.

Lovekins offers home and body care for women and babies. Baby includes skincare products and diapers for newborns and skincare for mothers during pregnancy and the postpartum phase. Women are provided with period care pads as well as sanitizing and cleaning supplies to ensure a safe family home environment. Lovekins nappies and skincare are provided in selected hospitals in Australia to assist with mother and baby care on the maternity ward.

How do you envision scaling Lovekins’s services and operations in 2022 and beyond? 

In 2020, we joined our tube manufacturer and invested in a forestry infrastructure in Gunning, NSW, to offset the carbon emissions produced in our tube production process.  The care for this section of forest offsets up to approximately 30 million 100-ml tubes each year, all while contributing to wildlife protection and rehabilitation.

At Lovekins, we pledge to work with suppliers that have a vested interest in sustainability. We continue to work towards Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets and pledge to make our packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025.

In addition, as a Partner in Purpose, we are proudly supporting WWF Australia to Regenerate Australia, a bold vision to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats and future-proof Australia against climate disasters.

Since 2021, we have been working tirelessly with Share the Dignity to donate and fundraise period care products for women in need through our Champion of Change organizational efforts. We continue to help end period poverty and remove the stigma of having a period.

Exhibiting Excellence

Industry award:  Lovekins has been recognized amongst its industry peers for exporting and packaging excellence.

More than a Brand

  • Giving back – Improving Child Literacy

As a proud supporter of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, we are committed to donating proceeds from the sale of our book, “The Grumpy Little Crocodile,” as well as raising awareness within our community to encourage them to fund this cause close to our hearts. Through this partnership, we strive to make a difference in the lives of indigenous children.

  • Sustainability

For over 3 years, we have been working alongside our suppliers to improve the sustainability of our packaging. We made the switch to an innovative, award-winning tube in 2018 that is manufactured here in Australia. Through specialized production techniques, this tube contains more than 40% sugarcane polyethylene (PE). As a plant, sugar cane captures carbon throughout its life cycle. This means that when the sugar cane PE leaves the factory, it is carbon neutral. The sugar cane PE used in our packaging is also FDA-approved for direct food contact and does not contain any nasties, such as Bisphenol A. In addition to this, our tube manufacturing facility is powered by clean energy from solar power.

  • Closing the Gap on Period Poverty

Period poverty is a global issue affecting menstruating females, which deprives them of sufficient access to sanitary products and the right to manage menstruation without shame or stigma. We recognize that for many women, periods can create financial burdens and barriers in life. At Lovekins, we believe that no woman or girl should suffer through periods or go without the very basics of sanitary care.

This is why we are proud to be a Champion of Change workplace, proudly supporting Share the Dignity to end period poverty. We have set an annual fundraising goal of raising $10,000 for those experiencing period poverty.

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