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Mass Immunization Will Take Two to Four Years, But Indian Researchers are still working on Developing a Vaccine

Six different teams of Indian researchers are in the race of developing a vaccine against Coronavirus. However, the researchers have claimed that developing a vaccine would take almost 8-12 months even with unprecedented support from investors and regulators Researchers across the country are racing against time to create a vaccine.

But, developing a vaccine is just one of the concerns of these researchers; they are also puzzled about mass producing this vaccine as it could take almost a year. Dr. Anand Kumar, the managing director of Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL), said that developing a vaccine alone will not suffice as manufacturing could be the next hurdle.

These predictions give us a sobering glimpse of life after May 3, 2020; the day Indian nation-wide lockdown is scheduled to end. However, getting back to normal life is not possible until there is herd immunity in the country’s population.



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