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This New Symptom of Coronavirus Makes Us Realize How Little We Know About the Virus

Various new symptoms have been presenting themselves in COVID-19 patients. Many doctors in the UK have reported Inflammation as a relatably new symptom seen in patients. The doctors here came into this conclusion after seeing an alarming increase in inflammation in various COVID-19 affected children, described it as a fatal illness that appears to be a form of toxic shock syndrome.

One of the pediatricians commented that “We found that many people with COVID-19 have an inflammatory type response. We think that it is the one that has to do with one of the layers of blood cells; endothelium.” The doctor further stated that inflammation in endothelium can cause blood clots. The doctor also commented that this could affect a patient in different ways. Several cases have been reported with patients presenting strokes, heart attacks, and rashes on the extremities of the feet.

This new situation has puzzled doctors around the globe. Many doctors have claimed that the blood clot is playing a bigger role in the disorder than previously anticipated.  As a result, a group of researchers and doctors are claiming COVID-19 to be a blood cell disease.



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