Most Influential Leaders in Life Science 2023

Carlos Wong: Influencing the Dynamism of Medical Devices Exports In Costa Rica
Costa Rica has established itself as the second largest exporter of medical devices in Latin America, owing to an increasing number of companies investing in the country. This reflects Costa Rica’s ability to boost the production of medical equipment, thus saving millions of lives globally. As per Carlos...

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Magic Lifescience | Chengyang Bryce Yao | CEO
Chengyang Bryce Yao: Advancing Diagnostics to Improve Patient Outcomes
In today’s world, medical technology has the power to save lives and improve patient outcomes....


Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association | Laurel Gillespie | CEO
Defusing the Demographic Timebomb by Investing in Palliative Care
What does it mean to live well with a serious illness? Just because someone is or might be dying, does...