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Now mouth rash, reddish spot is the new Covid-19 symptom

Now mouth rash, reddish spot is the new Covid-19 symptom

The list of coronavirus symptoms is rising. Researchers in Spain have now described enanthem or rashes within the mouth as new signs of Covid-19. In comparison to the usual flu effects, the latest signs included include chills, lack of smell and taste, and even mouth rashes.

The latest work was published in JAMA Dermatology on 15 July. Researchers led by Dr. Juan Jimenez-Cauhe of University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid studied 21 patients infected with COVID-19 and related skin rashes at the beginning of April. Of these patients, six had enanthem on the inside of their mouths. The affected patients aged from 40 to 69 years of age and four of the six were female.

In most cases, enanthem did not seem to be related to the medications that patients were taking, further confirming the idea that it was a new coronavirus disease that caused reddish spots to seem.

The study also shows that the rash may occur anywhere from two days before the start of other COVID symptoms to 24 days after the onset, with an average of 12 days. The age of the patients diagnosed with rashes ranged from 40 to 69, although the analysis also showed that four of the six patients with rashes were female.



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