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Parents Hesitate to get their Children Vaccinated against Covid-19 .


Parents are doubtful to vaccinate their children against Covid-19, as the schools prepares to reopen.

According to a new report by CNN Health, 50% of parents with children in the age group 12 and 18 years and 70% of parents with children in the age group 3 and 11 years have not yet discussed about the Covid-19 vaccine with pediatricians.

Sarah Clark, co-director of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, suggests the pediatricians to be more active in discussing about Covid-19 vaccine with parents and address their concerns.

“There is so much information that has come out about the Covid vaccine, and it’s coming fast, it’s coming from a lot of different sources, and it feels overwhelming,” Clark said. “You can see why people might feel worried, a little confused and uncertain about what really is the best thing to do.”



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