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PBL Care: Exceptional Proficiency in Quality Senior Care

Mohammed Lalji | Founder | PBL CARE
Mohammed Lalji | Founder | PBL CARE

‘Home’ is perceived by senior adults as a place where they live in a peaceful environment independently. Caring for elderly patients can be tiring. On top of dealing with different illnesses and juggling multi-faceted care, in-home health providers also have to manage the expectations of the families they work for.

It takes a high level of commitment to ensure that care is administered professionally. The service client chooses should be respectful of their loved one and their family. With domiciliary care, the client’s needs are always put first, simply because you are one-to-one with the carer. Domiciliary care is preferred by many, in which the clients are cared for individually, allowing for a more bespoke and personalized level of care. The residential care homes are quite the opposite; it comes to mind when the home environment becomes unsafe, and the ratio of staff to residents is very low.

Enabling a plethora of services that contribute to providing safety and comfort while improving and enhancing care for golden-aged people in the comfort of their own homes, PBL Care stands out as the leading organization that understands the importance of people regaining and maintaining control over their lives, with close to no requirement of external support.

It has designed its services to support individual choices at every step of ageing. Unlike residential care homes, the company provides a viable alternative where senior adults could seek care in the comfort of their homes, no matter how intense their needs are. While inviting a carer inside the home could be stressful, expensive and prone to several risks, PBL Care ensures that every individual is comfortable with the care, by observing all the necessary government protocols, working with highly qualified in-house professional carers, and using the right technologies to deliver efficiency.

PBL is committed to providing safety and comfort to senior adults which is one of the core values of the company; that seniors must be able to live independently with utmost safety. More specifically, it ensures that its caregivers and staff can provide the best life at home without any threat to their safety measures.

Today, PBL is empowering patients with holistic home care service and supporting healthcare companies to serve their patients and make the healthcare industry better, while satisfying all the regulatory policies in the home care sector. They are providing data and various support to other home care service providers to help the industry better. Notwithstanding the risk of competition that may arise, the PBL Care team believes in collaboration to make the healthcare industry better rather than competing with other service providers.

Under the compassionate leadership of Mohammed Lalji, the Founder and Director of PBL Care, every care worker in the organization is professionally trained to deliver quality care. These care workers are passionately dedicated to developing meaningful relationships with the seniors. This sets PBL Care apart from other caregiving services.

Let’s learn more about PBL Care’s operations in delivering the modern needs of senior care efficiently.

Serving Population in Diverse Areas

PBL’s population demographics are highly dependent on the type of contract that it has and the areas in that it must work. At present, the company is currently working in Birmingham, alongside working in Coventry, Solicole and Sandwell. It will soon be expanding to Wolverhampton.

Since PBL Care has been highly rated by the NHS as a five-star company through the regulator CQC, people reach out to seek its services. However, the company doesn’t intend to promise services that it may not be able to provide, depending on the capacity and staffing. However, in general, PBL Care serves a wide range of communities, i.e., from the Asian community, the Afro-Caribbean community and the English to the Irish community; together, they all make a family at PBL.

However, with the support of technological advancements, the company is looking to provide more services, targeting several locations in the near future.

In addition to serving senior adults, PBL Care is also equipped to provide adult social care for those who are 18 plus, including those with medical conditions like learning disabilities, mental health issues, physical disabilities and several related.

Maintaining Transparency and Efficient Communication

PBL prides itself in having a smooth, respectable and open culture within the industry. There is a high level of transparency and streamlined communication that eases the operational flow, with each member being aware of others’ expectations and deliveries.

Speaking of communication, the patients at PBL can call its staff or any of its management team at any time of the day, for they are assured that someone will be available for them. They don’t feel like they are receiving a service, but rather consider themselves as part of a big family. This reflects a level of confidence, trust and reassurance that they have towards the company.

In addition, PBL’s caregivers’ team also works in a structured and organized manner that helps identify an issue even before it arises. For instance, Power Bi is one of the systems that they use that displays how many times a week, a carer checked in five minutes late or the number of times a carer has reached five minutes early. This way, the company has the required resources, staff, software and team to mitigate risks efficiently. No conflict goes untapped when it comes to patient care.

Addressing Challenges In the Care Industry

At present, one of the biggest challenges in the industry is ‘Recruitment.’ Over the years, PBL has attempted multiple methods to recruit interested caregivers, like advertising on job platforms like Indeed, Reed, Gumtree and Totaljobs. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all sorts of platforms to attract potential staff, including word of mouth. But there is still a big gap in this matter. In addition, even when the staff is hired, there is no consistency as they would start their role and, after a few months, find it unsuitable for them.

To address this gap, the company has acquired a license to be able to recruit people from overseas. This method is rarely followed by other care providers in the industry. But this method works well and has helped the company stand out from the rest.

A way to provide a safe and effective service is by ensuring that consistent care is provided. This would mean having staff that will be consistent in their roles. PBL Care, by recruiting staff from overseas, is assured that there will be a personal dedication to caring for the clients.

Encouraging Compassion During Patient Interaction

PBL encourages its staff and caregivers to display a level of compassion to build a meaningful relationship with a client. For this, it takes the recruitment processes very seriously. It ensures that the interviewees have some level of emotional intelligence or those who have gone through life and understand the importance of compassion. Those are people suitable to work in the industry and crucial to care services at the company.

Implementing Effective Care Decisions

Initially, a patient approaches PBL Care through a specific contract provided by the NHS, council, or through individual needs. In response, the PBL Care senior care workers who are trained in risk assessment and developing care and support plans, look at the client’s best interest. These workers can identify the client’s needs, risk situations and environment and carry out risk assessments accordingly.

In addition, the company makes use of the Best Interest Tool, which is effective when clients are unable to express what they want or need. Through this tool, the company could take into consideration the client’s family members involved, or other people like the hospital team, doctors, GPs, or even the court, to make the best choice for them.

Ensuring the Safety of Patients and the Caregivers

The care workers at PBL Care are also trained to follow specific protocols to ensure their safety as well as the patients’ safety. During instances where a situation goes out of their control, they follow protocols like calling emergency services, the ambulance, or fire services or even leaving the building. They are also equipped with de-escalating skills for any situation. Moments when someone displays challenging behavior, the staff member would already have expertise in managing this situation with the client.

Implementing technology is yet another strategy to improve safety measures and control at home. For instance, the clients are provided with Fitbit watches that allow the workers to keep track of their movements and blood pressure to estimate their risks of burning themselves or falling.

Role of NHS in PBL Care Services

NHS greatly contributes to PBL Care services by procuring clients who leave hospitals or seek complex care. This way of co-working is essential to bring home complex service users. For this reason, the company needs to maintain effective communication and transfer services without any disruptions.

Wrapping Up

Every client has a story to share. PBL Care aims to become part of their stories and make a difference in their lives. For instance, recently, the company has had a daughter reach out after her mother passed away. PBL Care workers were already caring for her before she passed away.

During the interaction, the daughter said that PBL Care was a family to her late mother. She said, “Look, she was waiting for you; she just wanted to see you,” as this lady had one caregiver for three to four years and had developed a bond with her. Such an incident reflects that the staff at PBL truly care, and this is the vision that the company will continue to go about.

Founder’s Journey—In His Own Words

When I was pursuing leadership and management in health and social care, it was directly linked to where I was working at that time. That enabled me to create an impact on the industry. I asked myself, “Where can we take the industry in the future? What trends have worked in the past and what have not?”

Such knowledge directed me towards desirable outcomes. For instance, through the technology that we use, we’re able to identify the trends within the care and accordingly assist our employees in making decisions that meet the patient’s needs.

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