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Rebalance Health: Using the Science of Cortisol Rebalance to Optimize Life

Rebalance Health Inc | Justin Hai
Rebalance Health Inc | Justin Hai

If you often feel tired, fatigued, or as if your life is crashing down—without having an actual reason for it—then cortisol (your stress hormone) could be the real culprit behind it. Cortisol levels, when imbalanced, could lead to such feelings and impact the efficiency of your health.

In today’s fast-paced world, humans cannot afford to take a moment to breathe. We all wish to remain stronger, active, energized and relaxed so that the demands of life could be met efficiently. While several supplements appear promising to meet this health objective, they are designed only to mitigate symptoms while ignoring the root cause (i.e., your cortisol levels) of the ailments that they purport to alleviate.

Whereas Rebalance Health speaks to the cause—not the symptoms—by helping the body balance cortisol. When taken with regular exercise and healthy nutrition, Rebalance Health’s supplemental formula helps the body function optimally every minute of the day.

Under the leadership of Justin Hai, the President, CEO, and Co-founder, Rebalance Health is changing the way people manage hormone balance through science and innovation of its proprietary Directline™ delivery method in Rebalance lozenges. Whether you are an athlete, a busy parent, or more, Rebalance’s Superceuticals™ are a game changer in restoring a balance between your physical and mental health.

In an interview with Insights Care, Justin speaks in depth about the company’s objective and efforts to help people to balance their cortisol and feel limitless quicker.

Below are the highlights of the interview.

Kindly brief us about Rebalance Health and the developments or ideas that led to its inception.

Rebalance Health helps health-oriented humans always show up to every moment at 100%. Our products increase performance, speed up recovery, facilitate weight loss and increase confidence, focus, sleep, and libido. We are technological innovators from the biopharmaceutical industry who saw not only a need for a wellness system that worked with the body’s biorhythm, but wanted to make sure the ingredients needed to bring hormone balance actually got to where it is needed. So, we developed a proprietary delivery method to increase bioavailability.

Please tell us about yourself and your professional journey so far.

I am the CEO and Co-founder of Rebalance Health, born and raised in London, England and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. Utilizing this passion and drive, I attended Harvard, Yale and MIT while earning a degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and an MBA from Pepperdine. Matching my diverse, creative education with my entrepreneurial DNA, I have started numerous companies with Scott Glenn (Rebalance’s Chairman of Board and Cofounder) and have been a part of Windermere Venture Capital for the better part of 10 years. Prior to that, I have always been an entrepreneur working in and around startups. I’ve worked with large and small companies, from Disney to Apple to real estate.

What are the core values of the company? How are you driving the company to achieve its mission and vision statement?

Rebalance Health moves with an innovative and dynamic approach to health & wellness that provides a critical solution for human beings to feel limitless daily by bringing cortisol into balance, reducing the impacts on the whole body. We value integrity, are results-driven and seek to not take ourselves too seriously in an industry that is way too serious and lacks transparency about what it promises. If it moves the needle toward a better health outcome and can be substantiated with real science, then we use it in our products and formulation. If it doesn’t hold water, we don’t give it the time of day.

What are the key products and offerings of Rebalance Health and how is it impacting the demographic concerned?

Rebalance Health offers a Men’s and Women’s System that reduces elevated cortisol, the impacts of stress, and hormone imbalance. The secret of the Rebalance System is in how it synchronizes with your daily biorhythm as well as uses Directline™ – a proprietary biotechnology, providing 300% greater delivery of the natural ingredients that our bodies need to help manage stress in every aspect of life. Our three powerful lozenges consist of the following:

SLEEP – Dream

  • Dream helps to lower stress levels and racing thoughts, which lead to deeper restorative sleep – but it’s not a sleep aid.
  • It was designed with ingredients to help your body make the most of hormone repair during deep sleep, so you start each day primed and refreshed.

MORNING – Launch for Men – Shine for Women

  • It helps to raise cortisol levels and keep you focused throughout your day.
  • This is a perfect replacement for your morning coffee because when taken regularly, you will feel more energy, focus and steady calm.

AFTERNOON – Play for Men – Glow for Women

  • It continues the work by taking the edge off without losing your edge so you can move from work mode to play mode.
  • It keeps you in the game so you can still hit that workout, run those errands, or get steamy in the bedroom.

Combined, these supplements provide hormone balance, thus reducing stress’s impacts day and night, while synchronizing with your body’s circadian rhythm.

How are you using emerging technological solutions to your advantage and ensuring safe processes and products? How is it revolutionizing the industry you are serving?

Rebalance Superceuticals™ lozenges are backed by real science, pending IRB review, and quality-tested on 13 different levels, including microbiology, potency and blend. Our Superceuticals (supercharged nutraceuticals) were created by doctors, scientists and medical experts to formulate the highest quality supplements and undergo continuous third-party testing on specific biomarkers to ensure a level of efficacy that exceeds market leaders’ therapeutic levels. Preliminary studies show Rebalance Superceuticals are 300% more effective than other standard supplements thanks to our proprietary Directline delivery method.

What are the key challenges in the industry? How are you as a leader turning them into opportunities to upscale the growth of your organization?

Cortisol has been under the radar for way too long and highly misunderstood. It’s causing so many of the illnesses and issues we face today as a society, yet nobody understands their symptoms are possibly a result of cortisol imbalance. Many people are just getting by and only beginning to realize that there is a better way to live. Stress levels are escalating with everything from work, money, housing, economy, family, etc., weighing on all of us. We know stress increases cortisol, as it should, but ongoing stress means ongoing elevated cortisol. This means cortisol overpowers the body’s natural ability to make the other hormones that have become well-marketed (testosterone, estrogen, melatonin, progesterone, hGH, etc.).

Managing cortisol levels has a cascading effect on the production of the other hormones, “rebalancing” your natural chemistry. In essence, if you get your cortisol in line, then all those other hormones will come back online, too. The challenge is educating a public that keeps trying to fix symptoms and not repair the cause.

As an experienced leader, what would be your words of advice to budding entrepreneurs wishing to enter this industry?

I’ve worked with large and small companies, in many different categories, from Disney to Apple to real estate. When I advise budding entrepreneurs, I believe the most important aspects are a positive, can-do attitude and a solid, strategic path.

From an entrepreneur’s mindset, it’s all about staying positive and passionate about what you’re doing because it becomes contagious. You need to be able to say, “No matter what, I can do it.” Never giving up is one of the most important traits an entrepreneur can have to be successful. It’s not about relishing in the highs or dwelling on the lows; it’s all about being even keeled; I like to say, “It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.”

From a strategic plan of attack, you have to know what goes next and what’s important in the order of events. Investors have bought into your vision and trust you with their investment, and employees are also trusting you with their careers, livelihood and well-being, so you need to be able to navigate the company correctly — whether to slow things down, ramp things up, figure out what’s worth the time and effort and what’s not, and be able to move forward.

What are your future goals for the company? How do you envision upscaling its operations and reach in 2023 and beyond?

We’re working to further support our current and future customers with accurate cortisol testing that makes sense. The current mentality of testing cortisol once a day, once a week, is very misguided due to the inherent nature of levels fluctuating minute by minute. We’ve developed the Mojo Meter™ that allows individuals to measure the subjective impacts of cortisol imbalance – since the best, non-clinical way to measure cortisol is how it affects everything else. Rebalance wants to provide very targeted and specific information for individuals, so people can realize how best to live limitlessly in every area of their lives.

By providing tools and products that unlock these specific underlying issues of sleep, recovery, focus and energy, we can redefine what being healthy means for everyone – that’s what I am excited about, and it aligns with the motivation I’ve had all along with helping people feel and become their best.

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