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Research Reveals – Bird And Birdsong Encounters Boost Mental Wellness


Bird And Birdsong Encounters Boost Mental Wellness

According to research, physicians should recommend trips to birdwatching areas to promote mental health.

The study, performed by experts from King’s College London, also discovered that daily interactions with bird improved the moods of patients suffering from depression and the general population.

According to the researchers, the findings imply that doctors should recommend trips to sites with abundant birdlife, such as parks and canals, to treat mental health disorders. They also stated that their findings underlined the need to conserve the environment better and increase biodiversity in urban, suburban, and rural regions to sustain bird habitats.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, used a smartphone app called Urban Mind to track 1,292 individuals’ daily interactions with birds last year.

The researchers discovered that when individuals saw or heard birds, their average mental well-being scores climbed, even among those who revealed having been diagnosed with depression.



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