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WHO Proposes New Guidelines to Normalize Mental Health

World Mental Health

World Mental Health

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed new guidelines to address mental health at work. It is estimated that workers lose 12 billion workdays annually due to anxiety and depression.

For this reason, heavy workloads, negative behaviors, and related concerns – that lead to workplace distress – are being highlighted by these guidelines, emphasizing WHO’s four priorities to be acted upon, as follows:

  • Funding mental health services as countries spend less than 2% on mental health services.
  • Upskilling employees and caregivers with an insight into mental health via e-training.
  • Prioritizing mental health through effective self-care practices, ensuring that a strong mental health community is present.
  • Listening to people who have undergone similar mental health experiences.

Through the new guidelines, WHO encourages every individual to embrace their silent struggles and prioritize wellbeing – through each other’s stories of survival and persistence.



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