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WHO Launches AI-Based Health Worker Named “Florence 2.0”

Florence 2.0

AI-Based Health Worker Named “Florence 2.0”

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched an AI-powered WHO Digital Health Worker. It is said to offer health-related support – from sharing advice on mental health, ways to eat right, quitting tobacco, being more active and the right use of e-cigarettes.

Named Florence 2.0, its interactive platform operates in seven languages, with English being its primary language, and add-ons such as French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. With an innovative personality, the technology enables to respond to users with the utmost empathy, information, and understanding.

Such AI-based digital technology plays a critical role in providing health-related support to people worldwide in living a healthier life,” says Andy Pattison, WHO’s Team Lead for Digital Channels. “It could show us the potential of harnessing technology to meet the utmost mental health and physical health objectives.”

Supporting the technology-based project, “We look forward to Florence 2.0 to transform and positively shape the health-care industry in the years to come,” concludes Greg Cross, CEO of Soul Machines, a company that brings avatars to life.



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