Psychological Resilience May Be the Key to Better Health Outcomes in Older People

Older people

Better Health Outcomes in Older People

Experts are constantly exploring secrets to healthy aging.

In a study published in October 2022 by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, it was found that older people who scored high in psychological resilience were more likely to have – higher quality of life, better physical functioning, and lower self-reported disability.

By specifically targeting 3,000 elderly people with Type 2 diabetes, it was evident that “Higher resilience was the armor to withstand and bounce back from adversity,” says Anamara Ritt-Olson, an associate professor of health at the School of Public Health. “It may include how people cope with their chronic conditions,” she adds.

The study encourages us to perceive aging from a holistic perspective. This would also allow the elderly to feel empowered rather than perceiving themselves as passive agents of the environment,” concludes Ritt-Olson.



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