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Schaeffer Nutraceuticals®: Providing ‘Ahead of its Time’ Supplements

Schaeffer Nutraceuticals | Ziya Gaziyev | CEO
Schaeffer Nutraceuticals | Ziya Gaziyev | CEO

Humans have intricately linked nutrition to immunity with the risk and severity of infections for a long time. But is it completely correct to associate nutritious food with immunity? This remains a much-debated issue.

Consuming a good quality diet that consists of minerals and vitamins ensures enough antibodies. However, to meet the need for specific nutrients, our body requires dietary supplements. It is an entire umbrella term that includes everything from fatty acids to proteins and vitamins.

Offering this umbrella with its Vitaprotein products, Schaffer Nutraceuticals® delivers world-class supplements that focus on specific health needs.

Under the astounding leadership of its CEO, Ziya Gaziyev, the company has focused on healthcare and technological innovations that could offer revolutionary solutions for human health.

In an interview with Insights Care, Ziya talks about the nutritional benefits of Schaffer Nutraceuticals®, and it is a trusted nutrition provider.

Below are the highlights of the interview.

Please tell us about Schaeffer Nutraceuticals® in detail.

Proto Global GmbH is a company based in Germany and a controlling entity of Schaeffer Nutraceuticals® Group of companies present with branches in Italy, Switzerland, and the United States with a state-of-the-art production plant in Poland. We utilize a worldwide unique technology in the field of nutraceuticals.

We apply biotechnological research and molecular science to produce the “intelligent” carrier protein – Vitaprotein® and innovative food supplements marketed under the Viproactive® brand that differs from all other products currently on the market.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the nutrition and supplement niche?

The supplement industry has influenced many people’s dietary consumption in everyday life; that is the first point. Before they stepped into the industry, I had a chance to share and trade experience with profound scientists and experts in the field of nutrition, which was also a great influential force. And finally, my strong commitment to improving healthcare using health-tech triggered the rise of the Schaeffer Nutraceuticals® brand.

What are the USPs that highlight Schaffer Nutraceuticals® as a trusted nutrition supplement provider?

We are proud of our applied technology in the field of nutrition supplements. It is not just the supplement targeted goals itself but the research work and innovation in the technology that we adapted to every intake of supplement from the customers that bring the optimal absorption to their body.

The technology that we use is patented and named: Vitaprotein®. Vitaprotein® is based on the research discovery of Prof. Dr Günter Blobel – a Nobel Prize winner- on the signal theory of newly formed protein molecules have internal signals that direct them to the exact cell locations in the body where they are needed to create energy. Vitaprotein® is a natural active nutritional ingredient that contains essential amino acids having an internal identifier (post coding effect).

As a result, Schaeffer Nutraceuticals® products – marketed under the Viproactive® brand – are based on more than 20 years of research studies underlying the delivery of vitamins, minerals, and other substances to the exact cell locations where they need to be metabolized. Thus, the users of the Viproactive® supplements obtain faster and more efficient use of the nutrients for maximum energy and better health.

Tell us about the nutritional supplements that Schaffer Nutraceuticals® offers to its clients.

Under the Viproactive® product line, our company has 15 product units, which are produced by using a unique technology of Vitaprotein® and are designed with a different formula to target various health-support purposes. Schaeffer Nutraceuticals® has a wide range of food supplements and nutricosmetics specifically formulated for functionality and effectiveness, aimed at a range of attentive and demanding customers. Our products are proudly made in Germany. Our products are based on the combination of plant extracts, and Vitaprotein® with suitable vitamins and minerals to achieve multiple health goals for the users. All ingredients are qualified, follow strict quality controls, and are certified by the health authorities for production.

What are the immersive benefits of the nutritional supplements that Schaffer Nutraceuticals® provide to its clients?

Far as we said in our supplement technology and brand concept, we want to optimize the metabolism journey of the supplement capsule in each use from the customer. Once again, the Vitaprotein® technology allows the nutrients to be consumed in the correct body cells that would bring the targeted benefits to the customer’s health; therefore, there will be no loss. We want to go against the wariness of the customers on their bad experiences using other supplement products, but the nutrients get wasted during the absorption journey or not being able to reach the needed body cells.

What were the initial challenges while venturing into the nutrition industry, and concerning the current scenario, what are the challenges now?

There were many challenges in the journey to bring our brand closer to the customer. We brought a new niche in the supplement industry that was not familiar with the customer “smart-tech supplement.” During the time, many other companies were branding as bio or vegan or sports supplements. Communicating and delivering our brand visions and unique points to the customers at first were a bit hard, but now the acceptance and trust of our brand have been all the way better.

In the current scenario, the missions are different; not just the products but also catching of everyday needs of the customers has been quickly changing. The market is getting more dynamic than ever since the pandemic has started. People are paying more attention to the healthcare. Many more competitors appear, and we are improvising to the situation by continuously developing marketing and new sales strategy, more presence. We are happy to see this market’s growing potential despite all challenges.

What would be your advice to the aspirants who are willing to venture into the niche of nutritional supplements?

Define your goals and missions that make a difference. Be honest about the products and keep the innovation flow ongoing. Stay customer-centric, be reflective, and focused, and stick to your knitting.

Where do you envision Schaffer Nutraceuticals® eventually, and how do you plan to embrace the changes happening in your industry?

We are one of the earliest companies which applied health-tech innovation in our supplement products, which shows our ambition to grow further. We are aiming for greater achievements in our current market and we, of course, will improve our performance and accomplish the goal of better market influence. We want to bring the best to the customer; that’s our top goal.

In anticipation of upcoming changes in the industry, we have had the plan for ourselves on more new technology, might be new product lines or new approaches to the definition of supplement nutrition. For business and market, yes, more engagement on the online presence as well as cooperation with new partners for growth and expansion.

Revolutionary Leadership

Proto Global GmbH – CEO Ziya Gaziyev has a long-term experience in the field of healthcare technology with different healthcare-related firms under his management. Under his portfolio, besides Proto Global GmbH and Schaffer Nutraceuticals® supplement brand, there are two other companies: ProtoSignal GmbH – Hello Mary®, a Cannabis Doctor-trained Database Voice-assisted Platform, and APOAPP – APOAPP®, a prescription-allowed online delivery service in minutes in the German market. Mr Gaziyev emphasizes his focus on healthcare and technology innovations that could offer revolutionary solutions for human health.

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