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School closure during COVID-19 lockdowns affect mothers’ mental health, fathers stay unaffected

School closure during COVID-19 lockdowns

School Closure during Covid-19 Lockdown

According to a recent study on parents in England, mothers are affected by the school closure while fathers remain unaffected. One of the major reasons behind this is mothers have been doing house chores, office work, and childcare, which have led several mothers of pre-teens to depression. The study also observed that these mothers are having trouble sleeping and see themselves as worthless.

The recent findings from these studies came based on studying the behavior of 1500 parents having children aged between 4 to 12 during the lockdown. The study observed the diverse impact on parents whose children were allowed to return to schools in June as opposed to those whose kids did not return to school until September.

The study shows that the mothers whose children missed the entire summer term have been affected the most. Apart from feeling helpless and having no control over the situation, the authors of these studies noted another reason was losing contact with peers at and outside of school.

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