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New study finds human lifespan can extend up to 150 years

human lifespan

A group of researchers in Singapore is conducting an exciting experiment to find the longest lifespan a human can live. Three large groups from the US, UK, and Russia are also a part of this study that is exploring and analysing the human pace of aging.

In a study published in Nature Communications a group of researchers from Singapore-based biotech company highlighted the pace of aging for humans between 120-150 years. To assess this evolution the researchers have analysed the changes in blood cells count as well as health data of large groups from the US, UK, and Russia.

During this study, the researchers found absence of resilience, which is the body’s capacity to recover quickly as a major cause of death. The researchers also estimated that the resilience is completely absent in humans between 120-150 years of age. According to the records, the oldest person to have ever lived was Jeanne Calment, who died in France at the age of 122.

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