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The positive side of COVID-19: Air quality improved during lockdown

The positive side of COVID-19

While the whole world has been experiencing severe effects of COVID-19 a new study found nature reviving during the period of lockdown. According to the study first lockdown imposed in March 2020 in India has led to reduction in temperature of the land surface and improved air quality. The effects were majorly seen in the urban areas of the country.

The study published in the Environmental Research journal found that the work and travel restrictions imposed earlier during the pandemic have led to significant environment improvement.

To conduct this study the researchers used data from earth observation sensors some of which included those from European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5p and NASA’s MODIS sensors. The research was concentrated on major urban areas of the country: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

Comparing the data from previous years with the lockdown months from March to May 2020, the research found 31.5% decrease in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emission and 12% decrease throughout the country.

The study also recorded significant decrease in the land surface temperature in major cities in India. The temperature substantially declined over the past five years with the day temperature being cooler by one degree Celsius, while during the night the temperature further reduced by two degree Celsius.

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