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Science and Society: Doctors Bridging the Gap

Science and Society

Science and Society

Suspended on a stretcher in a temperature-controlled cube, there lies a skeleton of flesh and blood desiring to experience the light ahead of the tunnel. And, amidst this melancholic chaos of life and death, there stands an empathetic hope to unleash the true potential of human excellence with a lucid temptation to not give up, a temptation to withdraw upcoming sorrows, a temptation to discredit the cardiograph and bring hope back to life! 

This ideation might look like a complex one. And indeed, it is as complicated as the evolution of humankind. But, however, as complex as it may seem, the sheer resilience of a Medico turns this anomaly of dysfunctional anatomy into its destined result—A CHASM OF Hope and Survival. 

Yes, it is a doctor’s intelligence, intellect, and attitude that turns a dreadful misery into a blooming life! 

But, did we ever imagine, “how empathetic a human needs to become to reject the natural instincts of nature and assimilate all the evolutionary knowledge to save a cardiogram from getting stagnant?” 

Maybe few did and few left it unnoticed. But this blog is not about rationalizing both the counterparts. And intends to penetrate into the ins and outs of human evolution, and ramifications of scientific discoveries and is specifically about that resilient healthcare enthusiast who bites tooth and nail to enable humankind to gush into the mutual existence of science and society. 

Known for its vast spectrum of merits, science has always been close to human endeavors while sprouting the impossibilities into innovative solutions. Such a serene and wonderful duo of scientific discoveries has enabled humans to look beyond the horizon and reinvent itself as an immortal elixir. 

So, let’s dive deep into an ocean of the medical world that has successfully bridged science with society and especially the doctor’s community that has been proving its mettle since time and millennium. 

Inside the Evolutionary Chasm 

Understanding the prime objective of this blog, one may think, “how did doctors bridge the gap between science and society,” and if this triggers you to walk on a memory lane of social evolution, you are on the perfect trail and may seek absolute answers. 

We, humans, initiated being homo-sapiens as our bio-physical evolution progressed but, in the process, we found many roadblocks. Be it the nature’s challenging times that doubted our survival instincts, agricultural society’s hurdles of food storage, or prevention of collective community from the wild ecosystem. 

But, a very prominent factor that kept us moving ahead and engineered us into becoming the social being that we are today can be only accredited to scientific inventions, evolutionary practices, and biologists who found more significance in nurturing hope to live rather than the barbaric calculations of agricultural produce, dynastic strategies or market monopolization. 

The biologists then—utilized the marvels of natural herbs to save humankind from predatory attacks and today—it is the Medical Community that is harnessing human life at any cost they can afford. 

With this understanding, let’s move ahead and figure out how such resilient doctors made it possible that omnipresent science could benefit society at large.

A walk into historical timeline 

Emerging out of the 14th century, the term doctor was highly applied to those who were equipped with biophysical knowledge of human anatomy and could heal neuro-ortho-muscular ailments. Although the term doctor was coined for those who could teach theology, it was Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine who paved way for thoracic surgery and initiated a revolution in the field of medical surgeries. 

Furthering this development after 500 years are John Snow, Robert Koch, and Sigmund Freud who gifted society with their knowledge of epidemiology, neuropathy, and bacterial causality, respectively.

Today, the 21st century is blooming with scientific, technological, and intellectual development, and can one imagine discarding these above-mentioned great minds to their grave and forming a world of its own intelligence. 

If you try to bite the bait and wishfully desire to ignore these marvelous minds that date back to history, imagine the breathtaking scenario of global medical facilities at the peak of a pandemic outbreak. 

Sounds horrifying and frightening! Right? 

Indeed! With doctors as harbors of human life, the collective society has witnessed multiple advantages. One of them is managing such a global crisis of Covid-19 Pandemic and this was possible with their high resilience and standout medical management But the question still lingers, how doctors impact society with their healthcare revolution? 

Weaving science into society 

Evidently, doctors have been the true academicians who studied a wide array of scientific disciplines—biologics, physics, thermodynamics, plant and animal biotechnology, genetic engineering, immunology, modern medicine, conventional practices, predictive neutral healing, and the list may go on. And, known as the healer of the most complex organism on the planet earth, doctors have been executing various pedagogies and field practices to make human lives better. 

And, in the process, this pious effort taught humankind many attributes of co-mutual living. Be it the resilient character of a doctor in a surgery procedure, the empathetic pulse of a medico to understand the socio-economic forlornness of a miserable patient, or an alternative medicine practitioner trying to heal an ailing individual at any cost; the medical community has always encapsulated scientific marvels for just one cause – Enabling Hope to survive for better tomorrow! 

Wrapping Up 

These teachings brought to the society from doctors’ endeavors cannot be ever sidelined and therefore it becomes critically important to acknowledge the piousness of the profession as well as the individuals who carry this burden on their shoulders irrespective of their personal responsibilities, desires, or individual aspirations that sprout out of the socio-economic and political systems of human modernity. 

As known worldwide, doctors have been exemplifying the true meaning of socio-mutual living, and acknowledging these efforts while celebrating their struggles is the least we must do. 

To sum up, I take immense pleasure in opining that it is the doctors that have been weaving our social plurality into one thread with the magic wand of hope, health, and wellbeing.  

Let us be welcoming to the community and embrace doctors for their pious intent and immeasurable sacrifices.



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