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Simpson Healthcare: Helping Patients Improve their Quality of Life

Kelly Simpson- Angelini | Simpson Healthcare | Insights Care

Over the last few decades, the global pharmaceutical industry has made revolutionary contributions to clinical care. The industry now faces the challenges of unpredictable product pipelines, increasingly competitive markets, and uncertain policy and regulatory environments. The net result of ongoing cost pressures and a precipitous decline in R&D productivity results in an unprecedented decline of the overall healthcare profit pool captured by the largest research-based pharmaceutical companies, while lower-margin sectors, like generic manufacturers, increase their share.

The critical question for these companies is how to evolve their business model in order to thrive in a world of shifting profit pools by focusing on outcomes rather than by simply generating more inputs—more products, more procedures and ultimately more cost to the payers. Dedicated to pioneering new healthcare communication methods, Kelly Simpson-Angelini founded Simpson Healthcare, a biopharmaceutical consulting company dedicated to driving therapeutic innovations forward.

At Simpson Healthcare, they believe it to be their responsibility to develop new and better scientific communication methods that best support the development of therapeutic solutions that effectively improve the quality of a person’s life. They understand what it means to be human and that is why they think differently about why scientific stories of therapy matter for patients.

For the past 20 years, Simpson Healthcare has had the opportunity to work with great healthcare clients, who develop disruptive therapeutic options that are most impactful for patients. Their medical and strategy teams have effectively become catalysts of medical innovation as they bring to bear the larger context of healthcare for their clients, aligned in their purpose, and always keeping the patient as their core focus.

The scientific expertise and disruptive thinking methods and behaviors among the elite members of Simpson Healthcare, span across a broad array of many major therapeutic categories, including respiratory, oncology, cardiovascular, immunology, rare diseases, gastrointestinal, adult vaccines, and severe asthma, to name a few. The Simpson Healthcare team is dedicated into tapping into the clients’ full potential to improve quality of life for patients and aim to deliver quality in communications and education programs that strengthen the health of their brands.

A Disruptive Game Changer

Simpson Healthcare was founded in 1998 by Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO and CSO; former Research Scientist at Pfizer. She is dedicated to the creation of future health forums—where world experts unite to explore global datasets, shifts, health policies, and patient needs for the coming years. Kelly is a truly transformative senior leader, working to develop her people and drive forward the better brands of tomorrow.

As a senior executive team leader and life coach, Kelly values creating positive employee and client experiences; and actively helps her team to live their purpose. She works to get to know who her people are at their core and coaches and mentors them, striving to empower each person to find their purpose in life. Kelly then identifies opportunities for her people to live their purpose inside and outside of Simpson Healthcare. That is a powerful way to lead an agency that pioneers disruptive change.

In 2016, Kelly Simpson-Angelini was named Women of Innovation Honoree by the Connecticut Technology Council for her entrepreneurial vision and leadership. She has since been honored in New York City by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M) as a 2017 Healthcare Transformers- Top 10 Innovation Catalyst; and by Business Worldwide Magazine as 2017 Healthcare Industry CEO of the Year- USA and 2017 Most Innovative CEO of the Year-USA at the 2017 Business Worldwide CEO Awards. Kelly was honored most recently at the 2017 Stevie Awards for Women in Business, where she won Female Entrepreneur of the Year-Business Services: 11-2,500 Employees, Company of the Year: More than 10 Employees, and Most Innovative Company of the Year: More than 10 Employees.

Services that makes Simpson Healthcare a pioneer

We have used our passion for healthcare and disruptive innovation to build and customize specialized service offerings that provide long-term value to our clients’ business and the healthcare field,” says Kelly.

Simpson Healthcare digs deeper into the science of the therapies that their clients are developing and what it could mean for patients who could benefit the most from their therapies. After working with the client to clearly define the problem or opportunity, they then outline the objectives and timelines and move forward in a collaborative path.

At Simpson Healthcare, they believe that everyone on the team should know the client’s goals and how their scientific story will support in using a wide array of lenses and perspectives across a broad array of marketing and communications platforms. Deeply mindful of the importance of improving healthcare for patients, Simpson Healthcare has worked to pioneer sales offerings that are new to the pharmaceutical industry, and cannot be matched by other advertising and marketing agencies. They work hard to efficiently support the future of science for their clients’ businesses.

To expand on their service offerings, Simpson Healthcare recently launched a new line of Futuring work. During Futuring, they envision the potential best and worst futures without any reference to the present day. The reason this work is because the purpose of Futuring is to look at global datasets, policies, and influential variables, and to disrupt key markets in healthcare with a longer 10-20-year vision for the future.

Future Route

The core stories of disease, diagnosis, and new therapies will continue to be new, disruptive, and abundant. Simpson Healthcare sees a huge opportunity in continuing to build knowledge and skills in organizing and showcasing scientific content.

They aim to be supporting to the new types of products like gene therapies that are a simple, once in a lifetime treatment. “A personalized and individualized approach to disease education and “my brand” will be something to simplify and focus on,” says Kelly. They are proud to unite and support their clients to shape the future of healthcare so that the best therapeutic treatments may be available to provide a brighter health outlook for those in need.



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