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Skincare Tips at Home


Skincare Remedies

With the advent of technology, an application such as Snapchat and Instagram work on augmented reality, which helps you put a filter on your face and make your skin glow. Having naturally glowing skin is a distant dream for many. To have luminous skin is not only good for cosmetic purposes but also is a sign of good health. The skin is the largest organ of your body, and whatever a person eats, and drinks is reflected on the skin. The food that a person consumes affects the quality of the skin and the quantity of water, daily skin routines, and the skincare remedies that one practice.

Multiple studies have found that cosmetics are hazardous and toxic for your skin. There are several problems associated with cosmetic products like skin rashes, multiple stretch marks, renal failure, cancer, yellowish-brown colouration, and many among them. However, skincare home remedies are always there to your rescue. Skincare Home remedies being a natural procedure, takes time to show the desired results. It also avoids causing inflammation, rashes, and other problems, which, unlike product-based methods, cause. However, depending on the skin type, many skincare remedies might not suit ones skin.

Professional Solutions in Addition to Home Remedies

While natural skincare remedies are wonderful and beneficial for many, some individuals might still seek advanced treatments or solutions for specific skin concerns. If someone has skin issues like deep wrinkles, sagging skin, or scars that these remedies might not fully address, considering professional solutions could be a viable option. Facial plastic surgery offers more permanent and transformative results for those who seek them. Always consult with a certified professional, such as those at, before making any decisions about surgical interventions.

Use of virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer

Studies have shown that coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer. Massaging a small amount of oil on your face in a circular motion does wonders to your skin. After massaging, leave it for a while so the skin absorbs the oil well. After a few minutes, rinse well with your normal cleanser to see astonishing effects.

Coconut oil has a variety of properties. For example, it helps reduce inflammation and cools down your skin, and it has antioxidants along with healing properties. Different ways in which you can use coconut oil are for taking off the makeup, soothing your skin barriers, and promoting a healthy, dewy-looking skin even below the surface layer.

Applying Aloe Vera to keep skin healthy

The healing properties of aloe vera have been well known since ancient times, and it is such a product that suits well to all skin types. Aloe vera soothes and moisturizes without clogging pores and may also stimulate the growth of new cells. To obtain a healthy glow, use aloe vera after rinsing off your face daily.

Even though it is proven that aleo-vera suits all skin types, some people can be allergic to it. It is thus advisable to do a forearm test 24 hours before applying.

Honey as a moisturizer

Honey has hydrating properties, which make honey an excellent moisturizer. Besides moisturizing, honey’s antioxidant properties help keep off infections and improve your blemished skin care routine. As a result, it enables you to gain spotless skin as honey has rich bleaching properties.

Applying honey at night helps fade off the scars and pigmentation. You can apply it all over your face and neck area and let it absorb in the skin by massaging gently. After it is absorbed, wash it off with lukewarm water for best results.

Olive oil as an antioxidant 

Olive works as a great antioxidant. Applying olive oil regularly helps prevent early aging. Studies have shown that applying olive oil on the skin after direct exposure to the sun helps fight cancer-causing cells. Olive oil is not only great for the skin but also helps to repair skin damage.

Applying olive oil is quick and easy. Before hitting the bed at night, take a few drops of olive oil and apply them all over your neck and face massaging it gently for two or minutes, before dozing off, wipe it with a clean towel dipped in hot water.

Cucumber for getting rid of dark circles

Since traditionally times, the benefits of cucumber as an eye cooler are well known. It not only helps in cooling your eyes but also repairing dry and chapped skin. It has the same pH level as our skin and thus helps replenish the skin’s protective layer.

For applying cucumber to your skin, use a mixer grinder and get the cucumber juice. It will hydrate your skin and give it an instant glow. Apply this juice to your face and the neck section. Cut slices of cucumber and place them directly on your eyes for the eyes.

Applying Yoghurt as a face pack

Lactic acid is present in abundance quantity in yoghurt, which is a vital ingredient for your skin. It thus helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Studies have shown that the use of and consumption of yoghurt does wonders to your skin elasticity by enriching the glow. It has soothing effects, which have been very useful for curing sunburn.

Both the application and consumption of yogurt in your daily meals have proved to be very effective for your skin. While applying it as a face pack, you can add a variety of ingredients like oats, honey, lemon for more enhancing results. Applying yoghurt is very easy, just make the face pack and apply it upward directly. Leave it to dry and after 10-15 minutes, rinse off with cold water.

Papaya for exfoliating your skin

Papaya has a secret beauty ingredient that is Papain. Papain has proved to be very effective for your liver, but apart from that, it does wonders for your skin. Papain enzymes have properties that help in lightening your skin and age-old scars. It helps in exfoliating your skin by removing the inactive protein cells and dead cells.

Applying papaya is quick, easy, and effective. Just put it in a mixer-grinder and paste that is acquired gently apply it all over your face and neck section.

Lemon as an anti-bacterial remedy 

Lemons are a powerful antioxidant rich in Vitamin C and citric acid; they help lighten our skin tone, boost collagen production, moisturize the skin, and maintain skin elasticity. It can also be used for lightening your skin, especially on darkened areas like knees and elbows. It also has detox properties that can help prevent infections and acne.

Having a glass of lemon juice every day in the morning boosts immunity and maintains the skin glow and hydratation levels. It is advisable to perform a patch test before applying lemon to your skin. To apply lemon, always mix it with water in a ratio of 2:3, and after 10 minutes, wash it off with cold water.


Time and time again, these remedies have proved to be effective and beneficial to your skin. The different remedies can be easily paired up with some of them, and a mixed paste can be applied to your skin. As they are all-natural ingredients, they do not have any side effects. They are also affordable and easy to make, so instead of reaching out to harmful cosmetic creams which can be hazardous to your skin in the long run, better to get hold of these natural ingredients!

So why waste time in choosing cosmetics when you can easily try these Skincare remedies!



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