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Srikanth Chellappa: Driving the Digital Healthcare Revolution

Srikanth Chellappa
Srikanth Chellappa

The recent technological advancements have brought about a massive and welcoming change in the healthcare industry. It has made our life better and easier than ever before. In the last few decades, the healthcare industry has seen many positive changes and is on the verge of witnessing more exciting developments in the future.  Rather than just being a service-oriented stream, its impact on the quality and affordability of the care provided has been differentiated as the time is passing by.

With the innumerable challenges that we face today in this fast-paced dynamic world, any leadership coach or expert is needed with effective leadership skills. These skills are becoming the driving force in the healthcare industry. And collectively, those driving factors are providing answers to all the healthcare problems.

There are few effective health care leaders who possess rare talent combining key medical and business competencies. One of them is Srikanth Chellappa, Director at Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. who is taking the organization towards its goals in noteworthy style.

Srikanth is a post graduate majored in computer science with over 20 years of experience across industries with a strong desire to improve the lives of people using technology. This led him to start Contact Doctor Healthcare. With an aim to provide medical services to even the remotest place on the earth, he founded the organization on 7th May 2014. He ensured that the services should remain affordable and available with uniform quality during a need using technology. “A happy, satisfied, and smiling patient has always been a constant motivation for me,” says Srikanth.

Affordable, World-Class Online Healthcare Services

At Contact Doctor Healthcare, the whole team is constantly improving the communication and staying connected through more convenient channels with their patients. Contact Doctor Healthcare is a hybrid healthcare service platform integrating the conventional physical and the digital medical services to provide the benefit of convenience and best-in-class services online.

Tele-consultation, Home care, Locating and Scheduling visits to a near-by hospital/clinic, Online medical advice, Medicines and Lab services at home, are the services which patients can avail from

Some of the services are as explained below:

  • Online Video Consultation

Consult through this platform with doctors across specialties from the comfort of one’s own home / location.

  • Doctors/Nurses/Physios at your home

Contact Doctor Healthcare will send the doctors/nurses/physios to attend patients / dependents at their home who are unable to move or reach hospitals.

  • Book Doctor Appointments

Search for a particular specialty/location/time-slot/doctor and proceed to book the appointments as comfortable to the patients. The organization will promptly notify the patients through SMS/eMail for any change in the appointment status.

  • Post Your Query

The organization suggests this service for second opinions. You can upload your reports and ask your question to the doctors. Doctors will analyze the patient’s report with the query and respond  back.

  • Ambulance Services

Contact Doctor Healthcare’s ambulances (mobile critical care units) comes equipped with special features that facilitate faster and smoother transfer of critically ill patients to the nearest network/non-network hospitals and this is being provided through partners.

  • Medicines delivered at your home

Upload the prescription with clearly visible details and get your medicines delivered at your home.

  • Lab Services at your home

Samples collected at home and the reports sent to the patient’s registered email-id and also made available in their profile for anytime access.

Presently, with the existing communication channels like Web chat, Telephone number, Messaging platforms to interact with ‘Agasthya—the chat-bot handle’, Contact Doctor Healthcare has now started a direct call facility from its website on test mode. This works on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

Further Srikanth says, “Kindly request you all to engage now with Agasthya for your needs and as well to contribute towards its learning. This will become an effective communication channel during a need for care in the near future with all your support.”

Most Significant Achievements

With all the obstacles on the path like resistance to technology adaption with the providers/patients, ‘physical touch’ nature of the industry, data privacy & security, unfavorable policies. Also, from complex regulations, unexpressed or not clearly stated needs, to patient’s lack of trust with the current healthcare system/providers; it has came a long way by overcoming all these challenges.

With the hard work and passion, it now has an improved accessibility (Telemedicine) with enhanced communication between patient and providers (Agasthya). Additionally,  the company has been empowering patients during the communication (PatientMPower – the Healthcare ML Models based mobile application). Contact Doctor Healthcare believes that this is a continuous learning process for the organization and thus it constantly keeps on improving.

Encompassing Possibilities

Srikanth believes that the healthcare Industry will see signs of domain expertise shifting from humans to machines. He clarifies that it’s not that doctors will be replaced, but patients will have more information and control over their health and healthcare will be completely digitized. Patients will start actively engaging and participating in their care process and personalized care will be the future.

Further,  Srikanth shares that if he had the power to change one thing in the healthcare system, that would be the Equality in Healthcare, ensuring transparent and uniform quality of care to everyone irrespective of racial and societal inequalities.

Pocket Wisdom

“Prioritize patients first. Stay innovative. Think solutions that will empower patients and will take healthcare closer to patients. Healthy people. Healthy Nation.” advises Srikanth to the budding entrepreneurs.

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