The 10 Best Physical Rehabilitation Centers To Watch

Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation: Superior Care that Helps You Heal
If our body is a machine, all our organs are the parts that work in tandem for adequate functionality. Every part needs to be in good shape to complete physical fitness. However, at times, due to illness, accident or trauma, one or more body parts get affected and lose their functionality either temporarily...

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Lucia Pannese | CEO | Imaginary
Imaginary: Designing Customized Solutions for Patient’s Growth
Video games and Healthcare. Ever wondered what’s the relation between the two? Well, sticking to our...


Wearable Devices
Using Wearable Devices to Our Advantage in Everyday Life
Life is about uncertainty, and in most cases, the only reason one loses one’s life. Despite the best...
Physical Rehabilitation
Understanding the Dynamics of Physical Rehabilitation: Occupational Therapy vs Physical Therapy vs Speech-Language Pathology
While Speech-language pathology can be understood by the name itself (relation with speech and language),...