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The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Gene Therapy

DicernaTM – The Forefront of a Potential Revolution in Medicine
Founded in 2007 DicernaTM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a publicly traded (Nasdaq: DRNA) bio-pharmaceutical company using RNA interference, or RNAi, to create medicines that silence the genes that cause disease for patients with rare genetic diseases and common disorders. It is a leader in RNAi, harnessing...

Issue Profile

Atvio Biotech | Insights Care
Atvio Biotech: Innovating and Developing Healthcare of Tomorrow
Advanced cell and gene therapy is the future of medicine. It brings new hope and solutions for some severe...
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BioViva: Reversing the Cycle of Aging with Gene Therapy
BioViva, a trail-blazing medical data analysis and research and development company, was started to change...
Eukarys therapy
Eukarÿs: The Future of Synthetic Gene Therapy
Headquartered at the Evry Genopole, Eukarÿs SAS (eukaryotic universal expression system) is a French...
Wei (William) CAO, Founder, Chairman, CEO | Insights Care
Gracell Biotechnologies: Conquering CAR-T Industry Hurdles with Futuristic Solutions
The healthcare industry needs to bring in more effective solutions at affordable prices for all its unsolved...
Martin Williams, CEO & Founder of VIROgene | Insights Care
VIROgene: Redefining the Future of Healthcare with Gene Therapy
A prominent healthcare organization walking arm in arm with the latest developments in technology is...