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Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare

As technology continues to permeate various industry sectors, it has remained just a bubble in the imperative healthcare industry. With people’s increasing eagerness towards technology, telemedicine is becoming a crucial part of public health and health administration. Telemedicine has helped in delivering a cost-effective…..
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Telemedicine: A New Frontier in Public Health

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming an essential tool in many industries. Given the current explosion of advancement in technologies, ICT is increasingly growing relevant within the field of healthcare. Moreover, with the rapid increase in the events of chronic diseases and the need to reduce healthcare costs, Telemedicine lies in the forefront of innovation for the healthcare industry. Using a combination of ICT, healthcare can be delivered from a distance, providing essential coverage to people in the rural communities………..
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GenieMD iVisit ®: Reimagining Telemedicine

Driven by faster internet connections, ubiquitous smartphones and changing insurance standards, more health providers are turning towards electronic communications — and it is upending the delivery of healthcare. Telemedicine, one of the most important fields in healthcare today, plays a key role in this shift towards a more value-based care which helps to cut costs, generate additional revenue, and enhance patient access to care and satisfaction. Although telemedicine…….
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The 10 Most Innovative Telemedicine Solution Providers 2018

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