The 10 Most Recommended Health Apps In 2020 Making Telemedicine Accessible and Affordable to All 
It doesn’t come as a surprise how the healthcare industry is thriving with new alternatives and techniques to offer the best care possible. One of the alternatives that has been around and proved to be feasible since last few months, is Telemedicine. Telemedicine holds the potential to change the world...

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Dave Evans | Chief Executive Officer | Zest Health
ZEST HEALTH: The Key to All Your Automated Healthcare Needs
As per a 2019 report in The Telegraph, Google received almost 70,000 questions in a minute related to...


How can we improve the quality of health information apps Knut Schroeder Chief Executive
How can we improve the quality of Health Information Apps?
The internet has democratised health information. Informational websites, blogs and scientific papers...

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Richard Latham | CEO | Be Mindful
Be Mindful: The Clinically Proven Mindfulness Course for Better Mental Wellbeing
It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 people in England experience one or more kinds of mental health...
Elizabeth Munn | Managing Director | International Education at Elsevier
Complete Anatomy: Simplifying Anatomy for Learners and Practitioners
Medicine is considered as one of the toughest streams of study and rightly so because, able medical practitioners...