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The CDC Issues an Advisory Following the Confirmation of a Measles Case in Kentucky


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a health alert advisory on Friday, warning clinics and public health officials to be on the lookout after a measles case was confirmed at a large gathering in Kentucky.

According to the CDC, the Kentucky Department of Public Health waved a green flag for a case of measles in a person with recent international travel history around the end of February.


According to the national agency, On February 17-18, an estimated 20,000 people from other states and countries attended a sizeable religious gathering.

One of the most contagious human viruses is measles, but it is nearly entirely preventable with vaccination. However, 95% vaccine coverage is required to prevent outbreaks among populations.

According to the CDC, doctors should consider measles a diagnosis for anyone exhibiting clinically compatible symptoms. The agency also requested that physicians recommend measles, mumps, and rubella vaccinations for patients who are unvaccinated or have not been fully vaccinated.

End Note

The advisory also advises healthcare professionals to immediately notify local or state health departments of any suspected measles case to ensure rapid testing following the CDC’s testing recommendations.

In November, the CDC and WHO declared that measles is now posing an imminent threat in various parts of the world as COVID-19 caused a steady decline in vaccination coverage and weakened disease surveillance.

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