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The effects of Coronavirus could be far-reaching

Testing negative after getting cured of coronavirus does not mean that one is free from it. In reality, the effect of this pandemic is far-reaching and long-term. Along with finding the cure of coronavirus, many researchers are also continuously working to find out, if the coronavirus has any long-term effects.

Looking at the cases in China, many researchers have concluded that recovering patients have lingering issues with liver function.  The group of researchers also noticed a few damages in the heart and lungs of the recovered patients. They also stated that it will take years for them to understand how the COVID-19 will impact people’s health in the long run.

However, reports have been released stating that the COVID-19 initially causes damage to the liver, lungs and heart and looking at the rate of damage the virus causes, it might be difficult for a patient to heal overnight. The study also predicts that the slow healing process of lungs can lead to irreversible scarring that can impact the normal lung functioning in long-term. Apart from this, cases of some heart damage have also been predicted and studied. The researchers have concluded that if a COVID-19 affected patient experiences less inflammation, the chances of having long-term effects are less too.

However, any other organ damage can only be stated after monitoring the patient regularly for months.



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