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This is How the Convalescent Plasma Therapy helps in Treating COVID-19

plasma therapy

Plasma Therapy for Covid-19

Convalescent plasma therapy is a newly developed experimental procedure to treat COVID-19 patients. It uses antibodies from the blood of cured patients to treat severely-ill patients. The Indian government has approved both the Delhi and Kerala state government to use this therapy to treat severely ill patients on a trial basis.

Answering the question of how this works, people who survive the infectious disease COVID-19 generally leave behind blood containing antibiotics, or proteins to fight off a virus. This blood component that carries the antibodies can be collected and given to newly infected patients. This is process is known as ‘convalescent plasma’. The doctors and experts have reported that the plasma from a single donor can be used to treat three or four patients.

However, donors must know that thee have to test negative of coronavirus, after getting cured completely and must also be healthy enough to meet all the other requirements for blood donation.

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