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Top 5 Influential Nutraceutical Leaders to Follow in 2022 Sept2022

Top 5 Influential Nutraceutical Leaders to Follow in 2022

Kevin McKenzie: On a Quest for Longevity
In a post-COVID world, Alpex merges pharma with forward-looking nutraceuticals to meet increased demand for preventative options ___ The devastation of COVID was a turning point for many in how they viewed their health and lifespan. While the scientific community ultimately developed more than a dozen...

Issue Profile

Bernie Desgagnes | President & CEO
Bernie Desgagnés: Managing Risk!
Bernie Desgagnés paves the way for Canadian and international nutraceutical manufacturers and Brand owners...
Brent Laffey | CEO
Brent Laffey: Advocator of a Healthy Lifestyle
In this modern era where one is leading a busy life, eating healthy daily can be a struggle for many....
William Tang | CEO
William Tang: Transforming Nutraceuticals with Resilient Leadership
Stepping inside the shoes of an entrepreneur is breathtaking. Understanding the efforts put in can take...