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Trends to be observed in EMR and EHR sector

EMR and EHR sector | Insights Care

EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Technology and advancements in the medical industry are moving at a rapid pace. These advancements are helping doctors, medical professionals and patients to keep a track of their medical records and history. Though the section of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) are advancing in a huge speed, still, it is one of the least discussed. It is one such area of healthcare which is about to bring some of the greatest improvements in the medical industry with major benefits to both providers and patients.

The major upcoming goals of EMR-Eelctronic Health Records are improvement of the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare systems, improvement of overall public health, improved collaboration among doctors for treating the same patient, inclusion and engagement of patients in their own care and assurance of privacy and confidentiality of patients. While keeping these goals in mind, the trends which are to be observed in the near future are as follows:

Increase in the access point for patients.

In US, the initiatives which were maximally observed  is the catalyst of IT trends in Health Care in the patient area access are the change in the regulation of US HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and the financial initiatives to adopt EHR systems.

Change in the US HIPAA is stated that if the patient records were electronically maintained, then the patients can access their records effortlessly. The second catalyst of the trend was that financial incentives to adopt EHR.

Direct cloud access

Like any other modern industry, the entire healthcare industry is moving into cloud to make the work, computing and storage to help manage its data. The HIMSS Analytics 2016 Cloud Surveyed the IT Leaders at 105 Healthcare provider organizations and reported that these companies are planning to move to the cloud for analyzing big data and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) storage. Many are already using cloud technology for patient engagement tools.

After observing recent trends in the healthcare industry, it is expected that the development enterprises and cloud servers will begin to court smaller practices with customized options for their adoption with reasonable price offers. The investors who are looking forward to expanding their cloud vending or developing business, they must keep an eye on the market share of small healthcare practices. Experts say that there are far more small businesses than there are hospitals and a large target market is still waiting to get on board.

Wearables to Monitor Health

Technology is evolving and so is the healthcare industry. Minds of people are changing too. People are losing the tendency to wait now and everybody is demanding things to be faster. Patients and consumers of the healthcare industry are demanding to access their test results in the fastest way possible. They now want to use their mobile phones or other portable computing devices to book appointments for them. They are pushing their health data through wearable devices which offers Bluetooth enabled blood-pressure monitors and remote patient monitoring platforms which can send their information to their healthcare specialist teams. With the increase in the use of these technologies, the amount of data is also increasing every day.

Experts comment that a day will come when it will not be an option for the medical providers to adopt the modes of electronic health records as this industry is already seeing the increase in demand of EMR/EHR as awareness of patient and access is increasing at a rapid pace. The healthcare providers are now onwards insisting that they have full information about the medical history of the patients they treat as the need to reduce healthcare costs are becoming lesser every moment. If the goals discussed above are reached properly and timely then it is expected that the health care facilities for everyone will also improve.



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