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Trials for 7 Different ‘Booster’ Shots for COVID-19 Begin in the UK


Booster Shots for COVID-19

UK launched trials of the third dose of booster shots on Wednesday, May 19 to study the safety and effects of extending immunity against COVID-19. The nationwide study trial aims to recruit 3000 participants to test seven different vaccines for the third booster shot. Some of these vaccines have already been approved by regulators for emergency use while others are still in the development phase.

Saul Faust, professor of pediatric immunology and infectious diseases at Britain’s Southampton University would be co-leading this trial, mentioned the purpose. He said that the findings from the nationwide trial will help British officials and strategic planners to decide whether to give a third booster shot at all and which vaccine might be used as a booster.

The trial of the booster shots will begin with people who have received the first two doses of COVID-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca or Pfizer. The initial findings of the trial are expected in September.

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