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US Preventive Task Force has urged Americans to get colon cancer screening sooner

Colon Cancer

According to the recently released guidelines, US Preventive Task Force has urged Americans to get screened for colon cancer earlier at the age of 45 instead of waiting until they turn 50.

The newly released guidelines hint at the increasing rate of colorectal cancer in young adults. Among the deaths that happened due to cancer, the death rate due to colorectal cancer is among the highest claiming 50,000 lives a year. The risk of colorectal cancer is higher in elders due to which the task force has long been recommending the US citizens aged between 50 to 75 for colorectal cancer screening.

However, the recent guidelines of the task force came based on rising cases of colorectal cancer before age 50 since the 2000s. This change has brought the task force in line with the American Cancer Society which in 2018 has lowered colorectal cancer screening to age 45.

The decision published in the journal of the American Medical Association also means that most insurance policies would have to cover the new age-related recommendations with no copayment.

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