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UK: Health-Tech Industry’s first Software for First Contact Practitioners

Health-Tech Industry
Health-Tech Industry

Health-Tech Industry

Clarity Informatics, a Health-Tech provider, in partnership with Primary Integrated Community Services (PICS) of Nottinghamshire, has created a first-of-its-kind software of career portfolio for First Contact Practitioners (FCP) working across primary care networks. The software will help Physiotherapists, Paramedics, and Podiatrists in saving up to three administrative days monthly while increasing their primary care provision time duration.

With funding from the Additional Role Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS), Primary Care Networks are in a process of creating more than 25,000 new FCP roles across England.

As NHS’s long-term plan’s part of offering access and options of joined-up healthcare to the patients, Physiotherapists and Paramedics are already providing a wider range of general practices including close-to-home help and either online or face-to-face support.



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