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The proactive steps to improve the mental health of the world population are taken by various governments. The one section of the population that needs urgent help in dealing with mental ailments is the seafarers whose death toll due to self imolatory practices continuously increasing. The United Kingdom government (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) considering this has come up with a solution of using digital tools to help seafarers manage their mental health well.

The digital tool is a part of the government’s nine-point plan to better the seafarer’s working environment. The digital tool is named as “Wellbeing at Sea” tool. It provides help tracking health and wellbeing at the organizational level of each employee. It addresses the social stigma around talking about depression and to break this barrier, the digital tool identifies key stressors beforehand and helps alleviate them. The government welcomes this innovative step as a medium to make the long and arduous coast and sea journey easier concerning their mental health.