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Gut Health

Good gut health leads to a healthy mind and an active body.

But over six million people globally suffer from irritable bowel syndrome leading to poor gut health and translating into reduced productivity.

To preserve human gut health, scientists from New York’s Cornell Medicine have identified a protein called Zbtb46 that reduces gut inflammation, assisting in digestive care. Experimental evidence from a study done on mice shows that mice with ILC3s (immune cells) expressing Zbtb46 have better health of gut, contrary to the control group, where its expression was suppressed.

The protein is seen to increase as a reaction to inflammation. Results suggest a greater amount of Zbtb46 protein in children than those noticed in individuals with a healthy gut. Hence, these results demonstrate new options for treating children suffering from IBD, among whom the incidence is higher.

The Zbtb46 could prove helpful even to treat a few types of cancers, as restricting its production boosts immune activity.