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elderly care

Elderly Care

Demographics of developed countries call for renewed elderly care, where approximately fourteen percent of the population, which is double than the world average, is above 65. While most are privileged enough to be looked after by their own family or receive a handsome monthly pension, more than 24 percent of senior citizens are awaiting paid care at state-funded homes.

The US state of Tennessee has revamped its state program – TennCare, to reduce this waiting period, opening the opportunity for thousands of senile to avail state facilities. The government has agreed to invest $30 million for the same.

Elderly care is expected to cost above $7000 per month in the USA in a private hospital. Many cannot afford it because of finances or have reduced accessibility due to malady. The program provides two slots – Choices and Options that cater both these groups.

The government believes the step would benefit the population as they would receive home care without hurting their pockets