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Valerie Ross: Guiding the Future of Healthcare with Expertise and Vision

Valerie Ross
Valerie Ross

It takes a strong and competent leader to bring positive transformation in the healthcare landscape. Among the influential names leading the healthcare landscape in Canada, one name shines brightly—Valerie Ross. With over 16 years of invaluable experience in the medical device sector, she has emerged as a results-oriented, high-energy professional with a remarkable track record in sales and management.

Armed with an MBA from Athabasca University Faculty of Business, Valerie embodies a unique blend of academic knowledge and hands-on expertise. Hailing from Singapore and now calling Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, her home, Valerie brings a global perspective to her role. She exemplifies the dedication and tenacity required to navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape.

As the Managing Director of Boss Medical Ltd., Valerie is guiding the company towards unparalleled heights. Specializing in the distribution and marketing of national and international medical devices and aesthetic brands, Boss Medical is not just a company; it’s an institution of trust and innovation in the anti-aging market. Valerie’s leadership is grounded in a mission—to provide healthcare professionals with the most advanced and clinically proven brands in medical aesthetics.

Our recent interview with Valerie unfolds an inspirational narrative of commitment and resilience.

Could you provide some insight into your professional path and the factors that led you to your current position as Managing Director at Boss Medical Ltd.?

I started my career in the medical field as a regional company representative. After 15 years of working as representative for multiple medical device and drug companies and, while completing my Masters degree at Athabasca University, I decided to start a medical aesthetic distribution company of my own. Boss Medical has been active since 2016.

What motivates and drives you in your role as a leader in the healthcare industry?

I love the field of Medical Aesthetics and medical devices. It’s such an exciting industry that enhances people’s lives in a positive manner. Throughout the years, I have seen so many lives impacted by new technology and advances that it never gets boring. I pride myself on continuously learning from my partners and peers in the industry and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

Give an overview of Boss Medical Ltd. highlighting its mission in the healthcare industry.

Boss Medical Limited is a privately owned medical distribution company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Boss Medical holds an active Medical Device Establishment Licence from Health Canada and specializes in the importation, distribution, sales and marketing of globally established medical devices, professional aesthetic products and personal protective equipment across Canada. Its mission from the beginning has been to bring the best in Medical Aesthetics to the Canadian market.

How would you describe your leadership style and how has it contributed to the success of Boss Medical Ltd.?

I take a very liberal approach to my leadership style. I’m not a micro manager and strive to empower the individuals I collaborate with and encourage critical thinking when it comes to ideas and solutions. I enjoy working together and leading by example.

In what ways does your organization contribute to supply chain solutions for distributors and manufacturers of medical aesthetic products?

As a licensed importer and distributor, with a l warehouse and training facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Boss Medical brings Health Canada approved medical devices into Canada for efficient distribution to its Canadian customers. Boss Medical Limited’s newly launched multi-vendor platform, MedAeX (Medical Aesthetics Connect –, takes it a step further by connecting Canadian Health Care Professionals to Medical Aesthetic Providers from around the world on a single platform. Boss Medical also provides regulatory assistance services to new vendors looking to enter the Canadian Market.

How do you ensure that your team stays aligned with the company’s goals and values?

I try to empower my team by allowing them to approach me with their ideas while sharing my personal vision and working together to come up with the best solutions and ideas. Boss Medical has strategically partnered with sub-dealers and training facilities across Canada that share the goal of providing the best in Medical Aesthetics. MedAeX operates on a similar principle where vendors must go through an approval process and be vetted before being permitted to promote their devices and products on the platform. This is to ensure only high-quality products from reputable manufacturers are included on the site.

Could you highlight a specific accomplishment or project at Boss Medical Ltd. that you are particularly proud of, and how it has contributed to the organization’s success?

Boss Medical Limited has recently launched MedAeX (Medical Aesthetics Connect – in Canada. MedAeX is a new multi-vendor platform connecting Canadian Health Care Professionals to Medical Aesthetic Providers world-wide. This platform specifically addresses market inefficiencies and outdated industry practices that became even more apparent and critical during the pandemic. It allows various distributors and manufacturers to work together and provides Canadian Health Care Professionals equal buying power by reducing the complexities of multi-vendor billing while remaining focused on providing the best in Medical Aesthetics.

What advice would you give to aspiring professionals, particularly women, who aim to make a significant impact in their careers?

Don’t settle for mediocre. Do something you live and feel passionate about, so that your work doesn’t feel like a task. Celebrate your achievements and never stop generating ideas and focusing on your vision. Keep learning and stay humble.



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