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Virtual Reality to treat pain and Anxiety

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Patients who need full-time healthcare can now access it, from the comfort of their homes, thanks to the technology of Virtual Reality (VR). VR is opening up spaces from deep sea to deep earth, to deep space, transforming everything in its wake. And now UK government says after trials at multiple NHS trusts, that the healthcare and therapy sector will be transformed by the VR immersive technologies. Also, the VR industry is forecasted to be worth $1.2bn (£900m) globally by 2024.

And to treat phobias and pain, already tested virtual-reality kits, could reduce NHS costs by £2m, annually. According to Pamela Hicken, physiotherapist at MS Hill, the VR kit encourages movement and interactions for the patients who couldn’t talk or move. She gave examples where such patients are now talking to people, seen from the recorded videos.



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