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Washington University research shows mild cases of COVID-19 leave lifelong anti bodies

Anti Bodies

COVID-19 leave lifelong anti bodies

Washington University School of Medicine had researchers start a study in order to put to rest the rumours about the antibody protection only lasting 90 days. 

According to the research done, the new findings show that people who have gotten a mild version of the COVID-19 virus, will have immune cells in their body producing the virus fighting antibodies that could last a life time. 

Dr. Ali Ellebedy, PhD, associate professor of pathology and immunology said, “That is exactly why we started the study. We knew that this was a misunderstanding of how our immune response works.” 

According to Dr. Ellebedy, with a mild strain of COVID-19 virus, some of the antibody producing cells become stagnant and therefore in time die off. 

This would prove to be the reason as to why the presence of anti bodies is shown as no longer present in certain antibody tests. 

However, with the help of this research it has come to light that the long-living cells remain on in our bone marrow that in turn produce antibodies for the rest of your life. 

Even though people who have had a mild version of COVID-19 and are protected by the anti bodies, Dr. Ellebedy still advises them to take the vaccine and thereof become “super protected” from the continuously changing virus variants. 

“The chances of getting protection against variants increases significantly and that’s the advantage that we are seeing in people who have experienced the infection before”, the doctor explained while emphasising on the fact that these findings are currently only limited to people who have had a mild strain of the virus. People who have experienced more severe cases, have not been tested to check if the same antibodies are present or not. 

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